Disinfo denial

The famous ‘how can intelligence agency types be so dumb?” – Then there is the conference to sooth and provide salve for the perpetrators – Pennsylvania continues to reveal just how bad election corruption has been.

Disinformation, American style. Scott Johnson — “How obvious was it? Van Buren writes” — ““So we’ll call that letter claiming the Biden emails were potential Russian disinfo a lie, a fabrication, made-up, fake stuff designed to influence an election. That’s disinformation by any definition, and evidence the only disinformation op in 2020 was run against the American voters by their own intelligence community working with the media and on behalf of the Democrats.”

The Disinformation Conference exposes the Washington Democrat Media Complex. Rajan Laad — “A few days ago, The Atlantic magazine organized their ‘Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy’ conference at the University of Chicago” — “It is important to understand that when liberals use words such as bias, partisanship, disinformation, distortions, and spin they are exclusively directed at right-leaning media” — “Their sanctimoniousness has caused such levels of delusions that they think of themselves as the sole custodians of facts, truths, and taste” — “Inevitably, a few contrarians manage to infiltrate the echo chambers and challenge the groupthink” — “The Disinformation Conference demonstrates that there never will be any course correction simply because the propagandists do not think they have erred in any way”

Explosive Pennsylvania Testimony Explains How Leftist Money Infiltrated Election Offices In 2020. Margot Cleveland — “This evidence should be enough for the Pennsylvania legislature to recognize there is a real problem when private money and private actors collaborate with election officials.”

Court: Pennsylvania Must Release Records On Non-Citizens Voting In Elections. Shawn Fleetwood — “Pennsylvania must release records pertaining to a ‘glitch’ that allowed non-citizens to register to vote in the state for decades”


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