A steady anchor in buffeting winds

There has been mention of the need for an anchor in disparate essays recently. Both involve culture and society.

Anthony Dick wrote in Constitutional Torture, Standard judicial malpractice at NRO:

One of the central purposes of a written constitution is to bind future generations to certain fixed standards and principles of justice that stay constant in the face of shifting winds. In order for this system to function, provisions such as the Eighth Amendment must have some fixed substance that exists independently of changing social attitudes. If nine out of ten Americans woke up tomorrow believing that we should start drawing-and-quartering jaywalkers, the meaning of the Eight Amendment would not suddenly “evolve” to facilitate the new consensus. The text and meaning of the Constitution prohibit such cruelty today, and will prohibit it tomorrow.

Then there is Mark Roberts about some difficulties in the Presbyterian Church.

A grown up church interacts responsibly with the world in which it lives, yet without buying into that world’s latest fads and fancies. It responds to the community in which it has been sent by God, but without merely echoing that community’s values. A mature church takes seriously the cultural trends of its milieu, but always weighs these trends in the scales of God’s truth. Such a church is relevant, but not pandering as it responds to its neighbors.

On the contrary, a church of spiritual infants rides the wave of the moment, celebrating its apparent relevance while rushing toward the rocks of its destruction. It abandons God’s timeless truth in favor of timeliness. It chases after whatever is hot, whatever is fashionable, whatever promises not to offend. It models itself after social institutions, arguing that the church should imitate the ways of business, or government, or the media. The immature church is rudderless, moving all over the place, yet never getting anywhere.

Two of the fundamental institutions of our society, the church and the courts, are noted as causing worry about their abandonment of fundamental guiding principles and their shifting in the winds of popular culture. The Bible? The Constitution? Mean what they say? Say what they mean? Appropriate guidance for today?

It appears that some think the anchor is shifting as we are buffeted in the winds of human desires.

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