Safeguards falling like dominoes

Defining ‘peaceful protest’ is like the SCOTUS nominee defining ‘woman’ – ideas need vetting – there is a praetorian guard – just ask Durbin – and some enlightenment on the reality of the effort to get a COVID vaccine up and out at warp speed.

What became of the DC truckers’ convoy? Michael Letts — “The officials in Washington didn’t learn anything from watching what happened in Ottawa, Canada earlier this year during the Freedom Convoy.” — “The government needs to start obeying the law and allow the truckers to pass through the city.  They have the right to protest peaceably.  If they aren’t allowed to do that, they will make sure to voice their frustration at the ballot box, and while D.C. officials may think they are safe from reprisal, federal officials are not.  If the unconstitutional leftists are voted out in November, our capital may be put under stricter federal oversight.”

The Power of Terrible Ideas. Rael Jean Isaac — “While many have criticized the current enthusiasm for judging the past by the standards of the present (and condemning those past leaders who did not meet them), few have noted how many currently dominant beliefs are totally disconnected from reality and have a profoundly destructive impact.” — “The attitude toward critics is key.  A scientific theory welcomes efforts to test it against empirical evidence.  Pseudoscience, depending for its “truth” on consensus, is deeply hostile to challenge.”

Justice Department Accused of Assault on Free Speech and Free Press in the Project Veritas Case. Jonathan Turley — “The concern is that the FBI is acting like a Praetorian Guard in acting on what is a crime ordinarily handled on a local level” — “The concerns over the Project Veritas investigation continue to mount, but neither Congress nor the media have demanded answers from the Biden Administration.”

This Tablet takedown of fact-checkers is worth a look. John Sexton — “Regular readers have probably seen most of the stories and controversies mentioned in the piece but still it’s something different to step back and look at the grand pattern.” — “Author Jacob Siegel is explicit about this entire cottage industry explicitly benefiting Democrats.” — “That fact-checking is less about truth and more about ideological control can be seen in the efforts to fact-check the Babylon Bee.”

Chairman Dick Durbin Claims Republican Members Asking for Reports Amounts to a ‘Fishing Expedition’. Rebecca Downs — “It’s not just that Democrats have forgotten how they’ve treated now Justice Brett Kavanaugh while they go after Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) for daring to address Judge Jackson’s record on sentencing sex offenders who prey on children, though that’s certainly continued to be an issue”

What Operation Warp Speed Did, Didn’t and Can’t Do.  Alex Tabarrok — “Many people, however, are concluding from the success of OWS that big Federal funding can solve many other problems at the same speed and scale and that is incorrect.” — “First, it’s important to understand that OWS did not create any scientific innovations or discoveries” — “So summarizing what do we need for another OWS? 1) Known science–scaling not discovering, 2) Lifting of regulations 3) Big externalities, 4) Pre-existing motivation.”

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