What we are up against

One of the most hopeful indicators about the future of Iraq results from the rare glimpse of the literate and caring people who step forward and show that they can indeed see what has been and what should be. They also encounter the fifth column and see it for what it really is.

Her face turned red and she angrily responded, “Soon will come the day that the Americans will do worse.” She then went on to accuse me of not knowing what the true facts were in Iraq—and that she could see the situation better than me!

After those, and many other, experiences, we finally comprehended how little we had in common with these “peace activists” who constantly decried American crimes, and hated to listen to us talk about the terrible long nightmare that ended with the collapse of the regime. We came to understand how these “humanitarians” experienced a sort of pleasure when terrorists or former remnants of the regime created destruction in Iraq—just so they could feel that they were right, and the Americans wrong!

And so I have become disillusioned, at least with the Leftists I met in Iraq. So noble in their rhetoric, they looked to the stars, yet ignored what was happening around them, caring only about what was inside their minds. So glorious in their ideals, their thoughts were inflexible and their deeds unnecessary, even harmful. In the end, they proved to me how dogma and fanaticism had transform peace activists into—lifeless peace “statues.” [Naseer Flayih Hasan; How the Left Betrayed My Country – Iraq; FrontPageMagazine.com; 3Ja05]

what Hasan noted was perhaps the same thing the voter in the last US election noted.

And, it is worth keeping in mind that the war — which the Democrats opposed — was a moral issue that goes to the heart of our defense of liberty and the support of our soldiers. War is always a moral issue, and the Democrats got it wrong this time. So are the use of rhetoric and the character of a campaign matters of morality. When the Democrats trotted out labels against the White House and the president with analogies to Lenin or Nazism, and when John Kerry said that the Radio City Music Hall fundraiser that used gutter language spoke to the soul of America, or when Michael Moore was given a seat in a presidential box at the Democratic convention, people took note of those values as well — and voted on them.[William J. Bennett; The Democratic Dialectic, the Democratic Problem The future of a once-great party. National Review. 3Ja05 ]

We all witnessed these things and from both ends. Consider Rather’s problem with fabricated documents as compared to the SwiftVet’s campaign. In one case highly questionable documents were grabbed because of a false presumption. In the other, highly verified testimony and documentation was ignored and impugned because they voilated a false presumption. The moral values were not only those of the Bible Thumpers but also those of basic intellectual integrity. Hasan has seen this. Others will as well.

There is hope.

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