Measures and values can show ugly

just what are you measuring in the economy? – problem recognition is a necessary first step – Barr wasn’t only about Trump – Teachers don’t show shine – Ukraine has a leader for the times – DuckDuckGo shows its not principle that counts – More from Rosenberg – the green immorals

Adjusted for inflation, there is no inflation. Don Surber — “Wow. What a relief. Just adjust prices for inflation and inflation goes away.”

Democrats Can’t Solve America’s Energy Problems Because They Don’t Recognize They Caused Them. H. Sterling Burnett — “Their belief that wind, solar, batteries, and electric vehicles combined can effectively and cheaply power the nation while ending the use of energy sources that emit greenhouse gasses is foolish and belied by existing evidence.”

Yet Another Politicized Metric From Yet Another Corrupt Institution. Instapundit — “‘Doomsday Clock’ Will Remain Unchanged Under Biden as Russia Puts Nuclear Arsenal on High Alert: End-of-the-world alarmists ticked clock toward midnight after Trump election.”

also at Instapundit — Mark Judge on the Barr book — “William Barr’s conflict with President Trump has been the main focus of the wide press coverage of the former attorney general’s new memoir, “One Damn Thing After Another.” Ignored is how much Mr. Barr ascribes the deepest problems facing America to what he calls “the Democratic Party’s lurch to the left.”

How Low Can The Teachers’ Unions Sink? John Hinderaker — “Why is the teachers’ union striking, apart from sheer malice directed against our children? For more money, of course. But that isn’t how the union head puts it”

Florida ‘Parental Rights in Education’ bill gets the old Democrat histrionics treatment. Monica Showalter — “It’s getting to be a pattern with Democrats.”

America’s DNA Is Freedom, Not Oppression — Our Students Deserve The Truth. Michael P. Farris — “Heroes of the civil rights movement saw that our nation was not perfect but that its laws could be improved. And they worked to improve them. CRT does the opposite. … We must teach our children to see our history clearly and see that, in spite of our faults, we can work together to build up rather than dismantle. As the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass once said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Zelensky’s stand. Michael Curtis — “There are many unintended consequences of the fighting in Ukraine, but four factors may be indicated.”

DuckDuckGo and Facebook reverse policies to join in hating Putin and Russia. Thomas Lifson — “Horror at the death and destruction inflicted on Ukraine by Russia’s invasion is a normal and healthy reaction.  So is anger at Russian President Vladimir Putin, who launched and continues the warfare. – But with saturation-level war propaganda (some true, some not) dominating the media, many are tempted to enhance their own standing by virtue-signaling their hatred.  Virtue-signaling in a moment of mass frenzied hatred can have unanticipated longer-term consequences.”

Project Veritas has another mind-boggling video of a NY Times reporter. Andrea Widburg — “This time, in addition to admitting that the infamous “Trump pee tape” doesn’t exist, Rosenberg had some keen insights about the way in which the “crazier leftist” woke mentality is affecting the quality of the paper’s reporting.” — “Incidentally, Rosenberg shouldn’t be given props for his honesty.  Knowing that the stories he reports are often lies and that the people he works with are emotionally damaged, crazy ideologues doesn’t stop him.”

Totalitarianism And The Face Mask War. Patrick M. Garry — “Perhaps this great conflict has been brewing for a long time.  Perhaps it has been brewing since the 1960s, when the Left set out to impose massive regulations on every aspect of economic activity.” — “Maybe instead of lecturing and berating people who oppose the mask mandate, liberal elites should try listening to them, affording them the dignity of being heard, and treating them as human beings worthy of respect.  Then again, perhaps the elites really don’t want to know what the mask war is all about.”

The Green ImmoralistsVictor Davis Hanson — “Did the global moralist Kerry mean by “impact” the over 650 Russian missiles that impacted Ukrainian buildings and tore apart children?” — “Here at home, Biden gets even crazier.” — “Elite ideology divorced from reality impoverishes people and can get them killed.


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