is this what it’s come to?

Teapot tempests – they can’t mean it, can they? – your children are belong to us – the ship sank on batteries – ways to know with patience high on the list.

Is It Intentional or Simply Ignorance? Steve Feinstein — “Among a number of things going wrong in America right now, worst of all is our totally unnecessary, self-inflicted end to energy independence. This one is particularly frustrating because it is so unnecessary and arbitrary.” – “The energy issue really highlights the “intentional vs. ignorance” fault line within the Democratic Party.”

In Wisconsin, a fight over whether children belong to the state or the parents. Andrea Widburg — “The teachers’ unstated argument is that, because parents are unforgiving, rigid, discriminatory troglodytes who might interfere with a child’s search for his, her, or its natural gender development, when they withhold that information from parents, they are acting on the same principle that sees the state rescue a child from a physically abusive home. – Here’s the sad thing: The above tweets cover less than two weeks in the life of Libs of TikTok. There are literally hundreds more if you keep scrolling down.” – “If parents do not push back hard, displacing the board members and firing the faculty and staff playing sexual and racial abuse mind games with young children, parents will find that they have lost their children to the state.”

With New Energy Technologies, Beware of Spontaneous Combustion. H. Sterling Burnett — “Cars with internal combustion engines can catch fire in these cases as well. It’s another thing entirely, however, when a car spontaneously catches fire when stuck in rush-hour traffic or when unattended, parked on the street or in one’s garage. Electric vehicles have been known to do this, especially while charging or caught in highway gridlock.” – “This much is clear: before you add a solar system with backup battery to your home, check with your homeowner’s insurance to find out what you have to do to keep from voiding your coverage in the case of a battery-caused fire. Do the same when purchasing an electric vehicle you intend to charge in your garage.”

Ukraine: What do I Know? Clarice Feldman — “What I am unclear about is what should we do now.”

Conservatives, Ukraine And Russia.  John Hinderaker — “Conservatives are currently under attack on two contradictory grounds: 1) they are pro-Vladimir Putin, and 2) they are warmongers trying to embroil the U.S. in a war against Putin.” – “the attacks on conservatives from both directions seem to me to be twin teapot tempests.” – “so far, claims that substantial numbers of conservatives are pro-Putin on the one hand, or are itching to go to war against him on the other, are wrong.”


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