Trust but verify

fossil fuel suppression a.k.a. green goals; it has consequences – patterns and propaganda – when scientific claims receive decreasing support over time.

Elections Have Consequences, And 2020’s Was War. Jim Hanson — “The weakness and incompetence of the Biden administration was irresistible to a tyrant like Vladimir Putin. And it may be to more tyrants, like Xi Jinping.”

Zuckerbucks declared ‘bribery’ by special counsel in Wisconsin. Monica Showalter — “Is the needle finally moving?” – “let’s look at how that nice-sounding activity looked on the ground to those who were under it” – “Elections have consequences and stolen elections have even bigger consequences. One can only hope that Wisconsin and all other states whose election apparati have been corrupted by Zuckerbucks and other machinations enact enough reforms to save 2022 and 2024 from this crime and thievery to get these bounders out of America’s system. If they want power, they can run for elections and see if anyone wants to vote for them — the same way other people do.”

Propaganda, Corporatism, and the Hidden Global Coup. Robert W Malone — “Le Bon and Goebbels teach us about modern State and NGO-sponsored Propaganda during COVID”

This is a pattern in Barr’s book: He nitpicks his way to desired conclusions by carefully navigating a lawyerly path around finely drawn distinctions, all the while lobbing bomblets at anyone he defines as an enemy. –  Ann Althouse [read the comments, too]

Biden’s SOTU reassured nobody. Patricia McCarthy — “Biden’s own incompetence and capitulation to the insane climate alarmists pulling his strings forced Germany into the economic arms of fuel-rich Russia.  Everything Biden has touched, every policy he has implemented has wrought economic disaster on our own nation.  Now the civilians of both Ukraine and Russia are being devastated and he accepts no responsibility.”

Trade Deficit Jumped 7.1 Percent in January Setting All Time Record, While 2022 Inflation Estimates Now Double Previous Forecasts. Sundance — “Of course, there will always been people who do not connect the dots between major economic damage surfacing and the need for distractions, justifications and excuses elsewhere in the world.”

Prioritizing climate change over peace. Editorial Board – The Washington Times — “Biden energy policy adds fuel to the Ukraine war” – “Russia’s tanks rolling into its neighbor’s homeland are powered by a windfall of oil revenues that have filled Moscow’s coffers beyond President Vladimir Putin’s fondest hopes.”

Ukraine And Energy Realism. Francis Menton — “the cost of fossil fuel suppression is not merely a modest degradation in our comfortable lifestyles and impoverishment of the poor. As the situation in Ukraine is now demonstrating, fossil fuel suppression in the U.S., Europe and other Western countries also entails significant empowerment of our most significant geopolitical adversaries, and poses major risks to world security, and even to our national security.” – “It’s almost impossible to fathom how idiotic and clueless this guy is. And I don’t necessarily mean just to pick on Kerry. It’s all of them, not the least Biden himself.”

 NATO learnt the lesson of Afghanistan. Don Surber — “And that lesson is to never trust the USA again”

Some Covid Links. Don Boudreaux — “a certain degree of cynicism has crept into the general public, many of whom had been terrified out of any ability to undertake sane risk analysis.” – “Wall Street Journal columnist Allysia Finley wonders why so many governors refuse to give up the emergency powers they grabbed in the name of fighting Covid.” – Reason‘s Matt Welch rightly complains that “[g]overnment can’t stop moving the COVID-19 goal posts.” – more …

On global warming, journalists are very consistent: They never ask questions. Jack Hellner — “the media just reports these dire reports without asking any questions or doing any research. Five simple questions would be:” – “Don’t journalists have an obligation to find the actual results instead of acting like made up predictions are factual?” – “What should we call journalists who just repeat talking points to push a leftist agenda based on which will destroy America instead of researching ad reporting facts?”

Pielke Jr. on IPCC AR6 WG2 Release. — “The first observation is that the report is more heavily weighted to implausible scenarios than any previous IPCC assessment report … The IPCC report outlines a bizzaro world in which up is down”

The Decline Effect – Part 2:  How Does This Happen? Kip Hansen — “In no case does the decline effect refer to an actual decline in real world effects of some physical phenomena, but only to effect sizes found and/or reported in research reports over time. … Many readers are statistically knowledgeable, and can recognize the possibility that this effect is nothing more than regression to the mean.” – “In other words, we need to quit fooling around.  We need some researchers doing crazy blue sky research.  But we are in dire need of correctional science studies – science done to correct science errors of the past.  There are far too many fields like OA research, sea level research, coral reef research that have wandered off along dangerous paths to Science Nowhere, following faddish Just So story versions of reality, memes turned into Facts™, themselves created ex nihilo, to forward social and political agendas.”


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