Ideology sans values inspection leads to trouble

Hanson brings in history – The danger rises as heels dig in – the easy way to be king of the mountain is a temptation of the devil – Ask the police and military: whose side are you on? – Can we protect the children – from the government? We can’t see the effects on the mind but we’ll certainly experience them.

Why Ideology is the Ancient Enemy of Civilization. Victor Davis Hanson — “When ideology in places like Castroite Cuba, the old Soviet Union, and Venezuela warped the application of the law, destroyed the role of merit in assessing qualifications, silenced speech, and unequally applied the law, then society unwound. – In such ideological dystopias, eventually even the shelves empty, the currency becomes worthless, and the nation regresses into poverty and chaos. Is that the future we await?”

Trudeau is getting dangerous, but the truckers still have options. Andrea Widburg — “whenever you have to depend on the goodwill of a tyrant, his police state, and his military, things aren’t going well.  That’s especially true of Canada because, on May 1, 2020, Canadians gave up their guns.” … “as we’ve seen in Australia, Austria, Canada, and various jurisdictions across America, police do not side with the people; they side with the ones who write (as opposed to funding) their paychecks and manage their pensions.  The same may be true for the military.  Hoping for a better outcome than what happened at Tiananmen may be unduly optimistic.”

US Truckers’ Convoy 2022: Assembly Coachella CA vicinity 5MAR, Launch To DC 6MAR; More Details Here & To Follow.

Open Letter to the Canadian Truckers. Robert W Malone — “These are my truths, and I believe that they are self-evident.”

Why is Wokeism so attractive to so many? Steve Rose — “It requires little effort, sacrifice, or intelligence. Simply believe, complain, criticize, and accuse—it’s that easy. In exchange, you’re rewarded with a flattering identity: you’re now a crusader/warrior/hero who vanquishes villains (imaginary villains, but villains nonetheless)—all at seemingly no cost.” — “Their mindset of “I’m a good person, and you’re not” is delusional. Delusions evaporate when they’re exposed to the light of truth. We need to expose them all.”

D.C.’s Met police exonerate their own for beating an unconscious woman to death. Andrea Widburg — “if the two dead women had been Black leftists, instead of White Trump supporters, the outcome of these two investigations would have been very different.” — “The only thing we know with certainty about January 6 is that most of our elected officials are cowards, both physically and morally.”

The Jig is up for Transgenderism as Child Abuse. Jay Tucker — “Federal, state, and local governments have ignored the obvious in a case of willful blindness, but the evidence that children and adolescents need protection is now so apparent that government must intercede.” — “The hypocrisy and lack of integrity of a large segment of professionals treating gender-confused minors is overwhelming.” — “The evidence is in.  The mea culpas are in hand.  As one gender-care psychologist has declared: “Therapists Have Betrayed the Parents of Gender-Confused Kids, and There’ll Be Hell to Pay.”  Children, parents, legislatures, and courts need to educate themselves to become fully informed.”

FDA Rushes to Grant EUAs to Two More COVID Drugs With No Long-Term Safety or Efficacy Data, While Ignoring a Mountain of Evidence Supporting HCQ, Ivermectin. David Gortler — “the FDA, which had for decades advocated for the use of inexpensive generic drugs whenever possible, is suddenly inaudible and has even spoken out against inexpensive, widely available generic drugs that likely ameliorate COVID symptoms, even though these drugs have decades of safety data behind them. There are two leading explanations for this otherwise inexplicable turn of events: politics and money.”

Climate Hype Leads to Climate Anxiety and Undermines Constructive Efforts. From the Cliff Mass Weather Blog — “Tremendous damage is being done by media, activists, and some politicians by hyping climate change (global warming).” — “undermining our ability to deal with climate change.  It leads to poor adaptation to the moderate impacts of global warming or taking realistic steps that can be highly protective.” — “Hyping climate change is simply unethical and wrong.” — “Apocalytic predictions calling for immediate action have gotten our nation into trouble many times in the past, resulting in major errors.”

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