Prove your innocence. Evidence in your favor is not allowed

Drip, drip, drip – it’s intentional torture – judge reveals guilt presumed – wake up, dude – David v Goliath, again – DoJ prosecution deceit – hypocrisy per usual – cruel and dangerous cults – the mania is growing in breadth and strength (perhaps out of desparation?)

The ‘Civil War’ Psy-Op. Michael Anton — “Psychological operations can have many objectives, demoralization being the most common. But they can also be used to create opportunities that otherwise might not present themselves.” … “Regime propaganda is so ubiquitous that even if, like me, you make no effort to seek it out and even take steps to avoid it, you can’t help but notice that our masters have fastened onto a new narrative: the coming “civil war.” 

In her defamation trial, Sarah Palin might want to challenge her judge for cause. Andrea Widburg — “you have your bias — oozing, condescending, sneering, and deeply ill-informed bias.”

When Will People Finally See the Obvious? Albin Sadar — “Americans are waking up to the many ways the Left has lied to them over the last several years, but too many still believe the Democrats’ narrative about the 2020 election. Why?”

5 Takeaways From The Latest Filings In The Carter Page Spygate Lawsuit. Margot Cleveland — “Will Carter Page succeed in fending off dismissal of his case against the DOJ, FBI, and litany of Crossfire Hurricane agents?”

Did the Justice Department Lie About Pence and Harris’ Location on January 6? Julie Kelly — “January 6 is a tissue of myths, cover-ups, manufactured hysteria, and outright lies.”

Suddenly, It’s No Longer ‘Deeply Dangerous’ To Talk About Rigged Elections. I & I Editorial Board — “The truth is that Democrats have been undermining the integrity of elections far longer and much more aggressively than Trump has.” … “We are detecting a pattern here, one where talking about stolen elections is a dire threat to democracy only when a Republican does it.”

Harvard’s President Whines About Supreme Court’s Cert Grant. Paul Mirengoff — “Bacow’s comments are incorrect or misleading in several respects.” … “given Bacow’s statement about race mattering in America, I should point out that Asian-Americans have suffered plenty of discrimination here. Thanks to Harvard and other elite colleges and universities, they still are.”

What Are Republicans “For” In 2022? Victor Davis Hanson — “Can Republicans move beyond just completing the original, necessary Trump agenda on closing the border, legal-only immigration, deterrence against China, energy production, immunity from optional military engagements in the Middle East, industrial and manufacturing resurgence in the Rust Belt and conservative judicial appointments?

Wokeism Is a Cruel and Dangerous Cult. Victor Davis Hanson — “Wokeism’s natural logic is to destroy the lives of people of both genders, of all races, and—if need be—of those of every age, all to leverage an otherwise unworkable ideological agenda.”

Christians Stand Trial In Finland Today For Affirming Men And Women Are Different. Joy Pullman — “A Christian bishop and member of parliament are being charged with hate crimes for publishing a theology booklet about sex and marriage.”

Sen. Ron Johnson Hosts “Second Opinion” Panel on America’s Problematic Pandemic Response. Leslie Eastman — “Media promptly smears it as a panel of “vaccine skeptics and promoters of unproven early treatments.” … “The panel discussion was held this Monday, and the 5-hour discussion is via the link HERE. - I strongly encourage anyone interested in the scientific challenges to the pandemic response that have been suppressed under the guise of “misinformation” to watch as much as they can”

Was the Pandemic Caused by a Leaked Bioweapon or a Mishap in the Vaccine Race? Janet Levy — “one thing is clear, as a post-pandemic paper by Rosanna Segreta and Yuri Deigin says: the artificial origin of the Covid virus is no baseless conspiracy theory, and the pandemic can plausibly be linked to a lab leak.”

Lockdowns, Masks, and Vaccines Have All Been Complete Failures, But That’s Not the Real Problem. William Sullivan — “the problem with vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and compulsory masking is not that they don’t work, but that they take the life out of life”

Masks Today, Masks Tomorrow, Masks Forever! Steven Hayward — “The leftist mania for mask and vaccine mandates is rooted ultimately in the paternalistic zero-risk mentality the left has been promoting relentlessly for 50 years or more, on everything from nuclear power to food additives”

The UVA medical center gives an unvaccinated man a possible death sentence. Andrea Widburg — “without people’s realizing it, America effectively became a country with single-payer (or socialized) medicine.  Doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies all dance to the government’s tune — and the Fauci-led government medical system is going to make all take the vaccine even if it kills them.”

Never Forgive or Forget the Enablers of the Destructive Covid Panic. Steve McCann — “Who are these charlatans that are embarking on a campaign to exonerate themselves from their complicity in a “catastrophic moral crime”? – “The end-product of the calculated politicization and exploitation of a respiratory virus is the nearly endless litany of damage done to the American people and this nation.”

If You Liked Covid Censorship, You’ll Love The Latest “Climate Change” Censorship Push. Fuzzy Slippers — “Advance Democracy activist group “investigates entities undermining the global consensus on climate change”


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