A birth is celebrated but the sins of man persist

KD0TA, sk. Advent. An end and a beginning. Perhaps an awareness is growing and the righteous will stand? And nothing new on this year’s flue shot but it does provide perspective.

Listen While You Read. Mark Wauck — “My Dutch friend sent me an article from the Conejo Guardian, in Ventura County, CA—largely nurses talking about the hospital situation there. That article linked to a previous article on the same topic. Please read, follow the link, read some more, peruse the comments, share … I’ve left out large sections of anecdotes.”

Most shocking, perhaps, is how doctors and administrators refuse to re­port the rising number of unexplained medical problems in otherwise healthy people … 

by spring 2021, “an interesting thing” happened, he says. In the wake of widespread vaccinations, the number of non-COVID patients “really started pick­ing up.”

“Pneumonia cases, stroke cases,” he says. “We’ve had more strokes than nor­mal. Women in particular with venous sinus embolisms. We’re seeing a lot of au­toimmune issues: rashes on the body, the body attacking the nervous system, pro­ducing symptoms like a weakening of the muscles.” … 

Like all the nurses interviewed by the Guardian, he says he is “sick and tired of the coercion.”

A Myth Is Born: How CDC, FDA, & Media Wove A Web Of Ivermectin Lies That Outlives The Truth. Via RESCUE with Michael Capuzzo Substack, — “New Mexico officials admit they were wrong: Two people died from covid. NOT from ivermectin. Yet the CDC generated the nation’s highest health alert and a thousand fake headlines on false cases.”

Flu vaccine may not protect against main flu strain, study says. HealthDay News — “the vaccine is still likely to protect against severe illness and death, according to the U.S. researchers.” … “The flu kills anywhere between 12,000 and 52,000 people a year, depending on the flu season, and puts as many as 700,000 people into the hospital, according to the CDC.”


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