It isn’t Normal, It’s Psychotic

Geopolitics is worth convern, especially with a woke military. More big corp blaming to evade reality. The Collins crock and big state coup. A how-to for fact checking fact checkers. Paranoia taking over the psyche.

More Geopolitics: Pay Attention To Manchin. Mark Wauck — “Manchin, in addition to the expected references to inflation and “staggering debt”, repeatedly referred to “geopolitical uncertainty” in the world.” …  “Don’t expect to find any sensible discussion of these geopolitical issues in the MSM.” … “What world leader wants to go out on a limb along with a feckless country like we’ve become? - Another concern was noted by none other than Dmitry Medvedev, former president of the Russian Federation.”

Liking a Facebook Post Could Get Service Members Punished Under Pentagon ‘Extremism’ Policy. Spencer Brown — “Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby announced a new “extremism” policy being rolled out by the Pentagon under President Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Monday that the Department of Defense says provides “increased clarity” on what amounts to “extremist activities” or “prohibited activity” by service members.”

Big Grocery? Seriously? John Hinderaker — “This is almost beyond belief. The grocery store business is notoriously competitive and relatively unprofitable.” … “The broader point is that, according to the Democrats, we have suddenly been beset by a plethora of capitalist conspiracies, worthy of Chavez/Maduro Venezuela:”

The Single Most Important Thing We Can Do To Save the Constitution. Huck Davenport — “Even today, the most elementary constitutional lesson is probably still taught: the legislative branch makes the laws, the executive branch enforces the laws, and the judicial branch adjudicates the laws—but today that’s a lie.” … To paraphrase the great Ronald Reagan, “if fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the form of an administrative state.”

The Collins Crock: WSJ Edition. Scott Johnson — “the excellent reported editorial “How Fauci and Collins Shut Down Covid Debate.” This is the heart of it (links omitted):” … “Groupthink is what we got and groupthink is what we have. Heather Mac Donald also demonstrates how it is done in the Spectator essay republished by the New York Post as the column “Omicron coverage reveals how the establishment, media keep us scared.”

Are athletes more are at risk from COVID or vax side-effects? James Stansbury — “The absence of mainstream news about the alleged spike in athlete deaths inspired some personal research.” … “Lorphic News presented information that directly contradicted both PolitiFact’s and Science 2.0’s negative claims.” … “The sample is long enough (20-year history) and large enough (265,000 players and coaches) to indicate something out of the ordinary and widespread.  And the timing of these sudden cardiac deaths (SCDs) correlates with the increased rates of athlete COVID vaccinations.”

Perhaps the best way to summarize the current state of the secular West’s politicization of medicine was written 21 centuries ago by St. Paul in Romans 1: 22: “Professing to be wise, they became fools.”

COVID paranoia highlights the terrible damage leftism does to women. Andrea Widburg — “One of the least pleasant discoveries of the COVID era is how many politicians who once seemed perfectly happy working within democratic systems …  turned out to have inner totalitarians that leaped at the chance to exercise power.  Another unpleasant discovery has been the many people — invariably on the political left — who have abandoned all semblance of normalcy in their efforts to avoid a virus that, for people under 65, has an average mortality rate of less than 1%.  One funny, sad tweet embodies this retreat from normalcy.”

My suspicion about Dana (Not Scully) is that she started out life as an intelligent, high-strung, slightly neurotic, but sane and normal young woman.  Then she went to college, where she was indoctrinated in the hardcore leftism that seems to take a special toll on young White women.  Some of these women manage to shake off the indoctrination once they leave college.  Others never do.  They go through life angry, emotionally fragile, paranoid, and incredibly self-satisfied, so armored in their narcissism that it is impossible to break through to them.

In other words, COVID didn’t make Dana crazy; leftism did — but COVID’s sure doing a good job of showing just how damaging leftism is for women.  It’s all terribly sad.

The Corporate Media Freakout Over The Omicron Variant Isn’t Normal, It’s Psychotic. John Daniel Davidson — “a disturbingly large number of reporters and commentators in the corporate press, whose coverage and individual responses to Covid have become increasingly divorced from that of the rest of America.” … “Imagine being so impervious to reality — to say nothing of science and data, or even just stories about Covid in the news — that you’d still think, in December 2021, that the Covid vaccines could prevent all your loved ones from getting infected.”


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