What’s real? Oaths, mendacious operations, holes in the heart,

America’s Real Authoritarians. I & I Editorial Board — “How have we arrived at a place in our history in which the party that wants to limit government, embrace free markets, deregulate, and let people keep more of their hard-earned money is authoritarian, and the party that wants to force conformity, censor speech, eliminate all political challenges by establishing a single-party state that it controls, and make us all wards of the state is not?”

The answer is clear: The Big Lie has enabled the left’s ability to project its worst traits on the right.

Which is all the more interesting because the left side of the political aisle, in another ugly example of its projection, actually believes it is anti-fascist, and accuses anyone who even mildly questions the results of the 2020 presidential election as a super-spreader of the Big Lie. No group is more in need of self-examination, and maybe some professional help, than America’s angry left.

Does a Law Enforcement Oath Mean Anything Anymore? John Green — “Certainly, following lawful orders is important, but notice that there is nothing mentioned about obedience to leadership.  That’s because following orders is between the officers and their leaders.  Upholding their oath is between them and us, the American people.  We expect them to make judgements about right and wrong, and the oath is their assurance that they will do so conscientiously.” This is where the Vice President failed on January 6, despite asserting he ‘did the right thing.’ 

Far too many law-enforcement officers, FBI agents included, have demonstrated that they are no longer agents of the Constitution.  At best, they’re just employees doing as told.  Their oath has become an irrelevant formality.

Mark Meadows Lawsuit: Subpoenas Invalid Because Pelosi Constituted Select Committee In Violation of House Authorizing Resolution. William A. Jacobson – “Speaker Pelosi failed to appoint members consistent with the authorizing resolution of the Select Committee… Thus, the Select Committee as it currently stands—and stood at the time it issued the subpoenas in question—has no authority to conduct business because it is not a duly constituted Select Committee. Chairman Thompson’s subpoenas are invalid and unenforceable.”

Liz Cheney’s Jan. 6 committee: What kind of mendacious operation is this? Monica Showalter — “The committee is proving itself amazingly dishonest in its ambitions to Get Trump. Now it’s becoming a pattern.” … “What we see here is dishonesty after dishonesty coming from this committee”

The Hole in the Heart of RFK Jr.’s Extraordinary Book. Jack Cashill — “It was put there by pro-abortion Democrats, including his own family.” … “his brutal smackdown of the Dr. Anthony Fauci–Bill Gates vaccine oligarchy, The Real Anthony Fauci, is arguably the century’s most important book, and a page-turner on top of that. Buy it. Read it. If you choose not to, avoid holiday arguments with anyone who has. You will lose.”

The O’Keefe Project: The Times Strikes Again. Scott Johnson — “The FBI conducted these raids in the style to which we became accustomed in the case of Roger Stone and appears to have followed them up with leaks to its friends at the New York Times.”

Right Responds To Cancel Culture By Building Its Own Infrastructure, And The Left Goes Nuts. Margot Cleveland — “We can’t have people free to bank, communicate, work, report and read news, and more without the threat of losing their livelihoods. How will leftists control everyone then?”

What You Must Believe as an American in 2021. J.B. Shurk — “As far as I can tell, this is what we are now supposed to believe as Americans, in this first year of the Glorious Deep State’s Blessed and Eternal Reign: ”


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