Yellow rain

Another week starts at the American Thinker. Here’s a sample:

They Hate Us, They Really Hate Us. Clarice Feldman — “I recognize that we all make mistakes now and then, but the story Smollett peddled was so preposterous, only a moron could credibly claim he believed it.” … “Here are some of their statements when the preposterous tale was spun. Read this and tell me I’m wrong.”

Don’t gaslight me on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Bill Hansmann — “unless those lies are uttered under oath or spoken as truth to federal law enforcement agencies, there is no penalty for intentionally misleading the American public.” … “While gaslighting fittingly defines what is happening in our fallacious media and the utterances of a high percentage of Democrat politicians, there is an old expression that sums it up even better: “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”  Perhaps their obsession with the nonsense of climate change has made the left unable to recognize the color of the precipitation, but you won’t fool me with yellow rain.”

Decades of Communist Pushing Will Get You a Communist America. E. Jeffrey Ludwig — “What today’s political pundits are calling woke (or some form of communism) has been on the march for decades.  It was alive and well in the late 1990s and had already been in place for decades.  It has gone mainstream in recent years and openly is embraced by many who were more careful not to be seen as sympathetic to Marxist ideology.  It is anti-God at its core, and it clearly wants government to take over the means of production.  The radical hope is to dignify the move toward undermining our republic, natural rights, private property, and the family by painting the words “anti-racism” and “gender equality” on the hammer and sickle.  Then talk about electric cars and reducing carbon footprints, and hope the fear generated will change our society forever.”

Democrats are terrified that ordinary Americans are calling them out. Andrea Widburg — “democracy in America is over because Americans don’t believe that Biden honestly won his seat in the White House.  The hyperbole was thick in the air, along with more than a soupçon of hypocrisy and a huge dollop of fear.”

Here’s a few other comments of note.

Do you approve of Joe Biden? Save America JFC — this is at a tech news site but the problem of civil rights of the accused is hard to find even in the comments. Ignorance and denial of the actual events of January 6 is also rampant.

What We Should Have Learned From this Epidemic, but Probably Won’t. Kevin Roche — “After any great event in human history, we should attempt to step back and evaluate what the dimensions of the problem actually were and how effective our responses were, always mindful of human thinking process biases.” … “I also am keenly aware of human limitations and our clear inability to learn from the past when it comes to large-scale problems and issues, so I have no hope that the next epidemic will be handled better.  Politicians will make the same stupid mistakes, think they need to assert their power and do something, anything, no matter what the consequences, and will ignore the damage their actions will cause.”

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