Vaccine participation trophies?

The incredible danger of Biden’s America. Bookworm — “Eighty years on, we’re in an America that’s been under leftist influence through the media and the educational system for 60 years.” … “we have an administration that (1) has done away with our southern border, (2) is destroying the fossil fuel engine that powers the western world and is responsible for every one of the creature comforts we enjoy (cars, air conditioning, heat, abundant food, etc.), (3) is stoking race hatred, and (4) is destroying the economy. And that’s not even mentioning things …”

How to help J6 defendants. Sharon Caldwell — “many were arrested for simply exercising their First Amendment rights … ” … “Most of the detainees have zero criminal history and have been upstanding members of their communities for years.” Caldwell suggests the Patriot Freedom Project

Multiple Logical Fallacies Elevate COVID Vaccines Over COVID Treatments. Ted Noel — “The key offender here is something called “relative risk.” … “the Fallacy of the Excluded Middle” … “the Appeal to Authority” … “With such a Sword of Damocles overhead, few prescribers will go near IVM or HCQ. That means they can talk vaxxed or not vaxxed as if those are the only possibilities.” … “We have extremely effective protocols that anyone who gets sick should be able to use, but those bureaucrats can punish anyone who prescribes one of them.”

Comparing Vaccines. Michael Applebaum — “So, how do the COVID vaccines (grouped together for this piece) compare to other vaccines?” … “When it comes to vaccines, vaccinations, and immunity/immunization the definitions depend on the year. … Over time, about 9 years, a vaccine has gone from preventing illness to protecting from illness to producing immunity to stimulating the body’s immune response against diseases. … Next up – vaccines will get participation trophies.”

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