How they do it.

What Are They Teaching Our Children? John Hinderaker — “Many people are reluctant to believe that the public schools could possibly be as bad as they are being portrayed.” … “How much worse will they become if liberals get their way? Can it possibly be true that liberals want to turn our schools into cesspits of racism and anti-Americanism? Yes, it is all too true.” … “The Left’s poisonous hostility toward the United States is the dominant feature of these proposed standards, and is the essence–the whole point–of Critical Race Theory. And don’t assume that initiatives like these are occurring only in liberal states.”

Ninth Circuit Ignored the Heller Ruling In Order to Uphold California’s ‘High Capacity’ Magazine Ban. TTAG Contributor — “The Ninth Circuit ignores historical context, and cherry-picks language and clings to alternatives to “allow” gun owners to possess restricted magazines and continues to use an interest-weighing test rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller.” … “Aside from the egregiously wrong notion that the government “allows” rights to be exercised, Heller clearly rules out alternative choices as an option.”

That cuts to the heart of what California and their gun control allies are doing. This isn’t just about restricting magazines. This is another attempt to erase Second Amendment rights, first by relegating them to second-rate status, then eliminating them altogether.

Nothing is Anybody’s Fault. Clarice Feldman — “Media Blame Shifting … District Attorney Blame Shifting … Celebrity Blame Shifting … Political Candidate Blames Clear Record … Retail Theft Rings … You could also hold accountable California voters”

Contemporary West’s far left “religions” are as dumb and devastating as radical Islam. Lubos Motl — “the rational, balanced judgement is ultimately the primary cause that gives rise to the potential to create wealth and happiness; it is more fundamental than the wealth and happiness themselves.”

The amount of absolute insanity that is taking place – and that is clearly devouring tons of people around us – is so high that I increasingly insert whole days when I mostly isolate myself not only from the news on the Internet and in the “media” but also from all people who seem likely to be hopelessly brainwashed morons. I just really physically suffer when I am exposed to the human stupidity and its concentration in our environment is just unbelievable these days.” … 

We are fighting against all these braindead self-radicalized mammals who, at the end of 2021, still haven’t noticed that pretty much everything served at the CNN, MSNBC, WaPo… are shameless lies and propaganda designed to ruin the whole Western society while making a bunch of lying criminals richer and more powerful. Even more seriously, dozens of percent of the rank-and-file brainwashed loons are actively “improving” all these radicalizing CNN-style lies and they make them even more insane and more harmful because they have been programmed to behave in this way. This is really a transformation on par with the Islamic fundamentalist takeover of the West and before it is really too late, we must appreciate that the outcome of such a destruction of the West would be far graver than the unfortunate neutralization of a few thousand hinged untruthful fanatics which probably has to take place now.

No, Ron DeSantis is not creating a private army to take over America. Andrea Widburg — “Governor Ron DeSantis proposed reinstating Florida’s State Guard — and the entire leftist establishment went mad.  … If sanity were abroad in America, most people would sagely nod and say, “Well, that sounds like a fine, sensible idea, perfectly in keeping with American pattern and practice over the centuries.”  But sanity has left these shores, and leftists, many of whom should be assumed to know better, promptly announced that DeSantis was setting up a private army to take over America”

A Serious Look at the Moronic Variant. Kevin Roche — “aside from my base of skepticism to everything until good data and research is produced, there is nothing in the early data that tells me we should be unduly worried.  I know the CV-19 terrorists will be disappointed. … Which brings up the real issue with how this epidemic has been tracked and responded to–the excessive use and inadequacies of PCR testing.” … “We will never get out of this terrible cycle of futile and damaging responses to the epidemic as long as we keep this idiotic testing regime going.”

Researchers shoot holes in study touted for confirming ‘masks work’ in curbing COVID. Greg Piper — “Study of 342,000 adults finds masks effective against COVID based on 20 infections.”

Vinyl Sales Now Higher Than at Any Time Since 1988. Mike Johnson — “Twelve-inch LPs (LP stands for for long-playing)—introduced in 1948, stereophonic from 1957—were eclipsed by cassette tapes in 1982, and then by CDs in 1987. CDs went on to outsell cassette tapes in 1991, and by 2002 held a dominant 95.7% share of the market. Vinyl records, which had at least two-thirds of the market until 1980, fell to a nadir of just .02% in 2005, and to all appearances were well on the way out.  … Now, at the end of 2021, vinyl sales have beaten CDs for two years running, currently representing 6.6% of all music sales—the highest level since 1988.”

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