Heap big medicine splattered all over

The Left’s Long Creep Through the Schools. Kevin Donnelly — “the reality is that the barbarians are no longer merely attacking the gates, they have now taken the citadel.” … “Schools are a primary focus of cultural-Left activists and fellow travellers in the fight to reshape society in their utopian image.” … “Underpinning a cultural-Left approach to education is the belief that knowledge is a social construct employed by those in control to enforce their dominance.”

Heap Big Medicine Man. John Hinderaker – “From Canada comes this ridiculous story about an academic grant to study pre-scientific methods of preventing cancer. One could say that the only important thing in this story is the dollar figure: $1.2 million. Academic institutions exist in large part as slush funds to funnel cash into the hands of liberal constituencies.”

Thugocracy: Science in the Postmodern World (Roger Pielke Jr. as victim). Richard W. Fulmer — “Today, thugs have taken over much of our politics, many of our universities, and much of our science. Their response to dissent is not to assemble facts and logic to support their claims but to slander, intimidate, and muzzle the opposition.”

Stunning good news from Chile — and not just for them, but for us. Monica Showalter — perhaps the tide is turning?

The worst kind of domestic terrorism. John F. Di Leo — “domestic terror has a particularly wicked dimension, because it’s not foreign enemies but our own neighbors who conduct it.” … “We have state’s attorneys and district attorneys all over America who refuse to prosecute most crimes… who refuse to ask judges for stiff sentences when they do prosecute… who happily plea-bargain cases down” … “If you’re looking for the worst kind of domestic terrorism, I sure can’t think of a worse one than flinging open the prison gates – whether by lack of effort or by executive order – and consciously setting such criminals loose.”

Looting Comes To The Suburbs. John Hinderaker — “Cities like Portland, Minneapolis and San Francisco have been devastated by rioting and looting. But smug suburban liberals haven’t seemed to mind much, as long as crime was confined to urban centers like Minneapolis and San Francisco, where, on Friday night, Union Square was looted. But what will they think when disorder strikes closer to home?”

The Rittenhouse Trial Underscores the Left’s Determination to Eliminate the Natural Right of Self-Defense. Steve McCann — “as there is a natural right of self-preservation, man has the right and duty to defend himself against transgressors, including the state, that would deny, abrogate, or unlawfully seize his property.”

Did Capitol Police murder someone other than Ashli Babbitt? Andrea Widburg — video suggests the affirmative

Time for Another Epidemic Summary. Kevin Roche — “Respiratory viruses have been around forever and we periodically have epidemics from them, influenza being the most common example.  And we should know by now that our ability to stop or control those epidemics is very limited.” … “Worst of all has been the terror campaign and the lies and misinformation.” … “We will survive all the virus can throw at us.  Humanity will be fine.  I am not sure we can survive the continued irrationality and deadliness of the government response.”


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