another chapter in the same book, here they go again


The Left’s War on Faith. Mervyn Bendle — “Culture at the Heart: Western Civilisation is in crisis, and at the heart of the crisis is culture. … all around us the forces of barbarism continue their relentless ‘long march through the institutions’ of Western Civilisation, corrupting and degrading them as they go.” — Historical Propaganda – Denying the Transcendent – Re-building the World – Destruction & Desecration – Descent into Terror – Militant Atheism – Soviet Atheism – Brutal Suppression – Scientific Atheism – Persecution – Public Reaction – Death Toll – Evangelical Atheists – Different Gods – Dereliction

None of this is accidental, of course. It is the contemporary outcome of the systematic atheistic propaganda that has been a core component of the Leftist agenda for a quarter of a millennium, as even a basic familiarity with history reveals, i.e., an historical understanding not derived from the bogus narrative of Western mendacity imposed on the minds of students in NSW schools and reinforced in crucial HSC exams. … 

But how can people learn from history if they are never taught history, but instead are fed bogus Leftist propaganda? This is why the Culture Wars are so important and why those who care about Western Civilisation must insist that their elected representatives properly exercise their responsibilities in contesting the forces of collectivist barbarism.

Get Woke, Empty The Pews. John Hinderaker — “Why is the ELCA failing? One obvious reason is that it has made clear that Christians who are not hard-core liberals–that is, the overwhelming majority of the population–are not welcome.”

Hanson on Citizenship. Terry Scambray — “Defining terms is always a good place to begin a conversation and Victor Davis Hanson’s The Dying Citizen. How Progressive Elites, Tribalism, and Globalization Are Destroying the Idea of America (Basic Books) weaves a rich definition of citizenship into his discussion of the current threats to this profoundly Western idea.”

A Brief History Of West African Slavery. ICE-9 [The Burning Platform] — “The lucrative Angolan slave trade not only flourished under female African leadership, but grew scientific and efficient and continued unabated until the Portuguese crown outlawed the colonial slave trade in 1869.  However, avarice and ingenuity always prevail so after this slavery prohibition a vibrant slave black market continued unabated as abolition only served to drive up the price of slaves and therefore the incentive to procure them in the field.  These lucrative smuggling operations from Angola lasted up until the day its primary customer Brazil abolished slavery in 1888.”

The woke will never mention the 800 years of an East African slave trade conducted by Arab merchants up and down the Indian Ocean coast.  The woke won’t utter a word regarding present day slavery across the Sahel countries of Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, and Sudan.  One hears only silence from the woke when one mentions the “Systemic Ethniscism” that permeates every Bantu nation where wealth and power are concentrated into the hands of a dominant ethnic group.

Post-election swindles in Pennsylvania: there they go again. Lynne Lechter — “Against this abundant one-party control, and other states similarly governed, the world wants to move on from Donald Trump.  The mainstream media and its cohorts deem January 6 as emblematic of “the big lie.”  “False” they bellow, “Biden won.”   Whether one is pro- or anti-Trump, election shenanigans in Pennsylvania were brazenly accomplished.  Again.”

Scott Adams: Then And Now. Mark Wauck — “I think a lot of people have hit a wall.” … “Not that I was gullible before, or slow to catch on to the various hoaxes that have been perpetrated by the Power Elite, but I guess—a bit like Adams—I resisted the notion that it could be THAT bad.”

Heroes and Zeros: The Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict. Clarice Feldman — “If you want to end violence, act to prevent it instead of doing what you did do — encourage it by applauding it, contributing to organizations that foment it, and removing law enforcement — as you and the mayor of Kenosha did — when riots take place.”

Six Things We Learned From The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial. The BSC Team — “While voters bucked the media narratives against conservative candidates and conservative causes in early November, in the case of the jury they had to overcome not just a year of blatant falsehoods but direct intimidation. When a major broadcasting studio tasks journalists with following a secret jury bus, that is pure evil. However, these twelve Americans stood up to the threat of mob violence and personal attacks and vindicated young Kyle on all counts. — Something feels different in America right now”

Kyle Rittenhouse Did NOT Get a Fair Trial. Selwyn Duke — “Rittenhouse, and America, were failed by the perfidious prosecutor; the pusillanimous judge; the malevolent media; the depraved Democrat Party; and, to a lesser extent, the dithering jury. — Kyle Rittenhouse was, praise God, acquitted. But he did not get a fair trial.”

A meme sums up 90% of the left’s Kyle Rittenhouse lies. Bookworm — “Mayer made this statement and it’s being wildly shared all over social media. What’s important about it is that every fact within it is wrong.” … “I have a suggestion for confronting them. A wise man I knew used to say of interpersonal squabbles, “Don’t get furious; get curious.” … “Politely push them to share with you the facts supporting their claims. And if they return with provably incorrect “facts,” politely respond with irrefutable truth. Lots of them are going to be sundowners who cannot recognize the truth but others will be like Bari Weiss and realize that they’ve been the victims of a giant con.”

Is There a Chorus Building for DOJ to Look Into Possible Federal Charges Against Kyle Rittenhouse? Shipwreckedcrew — “Derek Chauvin was indicted on federal charges in Minnesota after a Motion For New Trial was filed following his conviction in state court.” … “And this is what I is fear the messaging might be about: 18 U.S.C. Sec. 239:” … “Those leading the Biden DOJ have already proven themselves willing to be the “Storm Troopers” for left-wing interest groups. Pursuing a prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse would simply be another chapter in the same book.”


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