A tenacious grip on a rotten foundation is a recipe for trouble

Divorced From the Truth; Wedded to the Lies They Have Been Told. Jeff M. Lewis — “I don’t know if I have ever seen people, some of whom are my family and friends, so wedded to the lies they have been told they are unable to recognize the truth.” … “I have witnessed highly intelligent, strong-minded, strong-willed, and successful citizens of our country (in a variety of age groups) de-construct into an enraged, slobbering, apoplectic mass, quivering with abject emotion at the very notion that what they believe on these issues is wrong.”

Why the Rittenhouse Case Has Changed Everything. Adam Mill — “The Rittenhouse case is a clinic in exactly why Americans have a right to an AR-15.” … “one thing the media can’t hide are the basic facts.” … “The Left doesn’t want to punish Rittenhouse for murder. It wants to prevent others from standing up to future mobs to protect themselves.”

As the jury retires to deliberate, we can’t really know for sure what the final outcome will be until the verdict is announced. But, thanks again to the Constitution, Rittenhouse received a public trial and anything short of an acquittal will revive jury intimidation allegations. Americans saw that the media lied to them about the facts of the case. While that suits many, even a few leftists expressed shock and surprise at the level of deception. 

Police and 500 National Guard troops have begun positioning to quell the violence expected following the Rittenhouse verdict. It’s one indication that the authorities expect a not-guilty verdict. But there’s another reason to think there may not be another riot in Kenosha if Rittenhouse is vindicated: Rittenhouse will be free to return to his community to protect it. And so will countless more inspired by his example to hold the line against the Left’s political violence.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorneys allege that the prosecution hid evidence. Andrea Widburg — “The motion reminds the court that a motion for retrial in Wisconsin can be granted with prejudice (i.e., no retrial) if the evidence shows prosecutorial overreach.”

The law according to ADA Binger. neo — “Binger is the type of lawyer who makes people detest and despise lawyers. Lawyers aren’t all like that. But when they’re bad, they’re pernicious. Prosecutors have extraordinary power to harm someone if they wish to do so.”

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