Things are not right in the world

Why The Left Always Projects. Victor Davis Hanson — “The slurs and smears levelled by the elites are all the more toxic because they have always known these sins firsthand as their own.”

Andrew Sullivan, the human hyperbola, neo — “In much of Sullivan’s work, he keeps coming tantalizingly close to seeing the truth but he never quite gets the whole picture; he backs away instead.” … “Why does Sullivan interest me at all? I think he represents a certain percentage of people – I don’t know how large it is, but it includes quite a few people I know – who can concede that the right is correct on certain points but cannot or will not fundamentally change their politics and who continue to look at actual conservatives (or Trump supporters, which isn’t exactly the same thing) with disdain.”

What fact checkers get wrong. Gavin Haynes — “They pretend to be objective — while peddling progressive politics” … “If there’s no such thing as objectivity, there’s still impartiality. And fact checkers can’t even manage that.”

Rittenhouse and the Perils of Weighing Public Opinion Over Evidence In Prosecutions. J. Turley — “For those watching the trial, there was a shocking disconnect from prior news coverage and the actual evidence. There was an even greater disconnect with the charges.”

Please Stop Trusting Anything The Mainstream Media ‘Report’. I & I Editorial Board — “Our hope is that we’re nearing rock bottom, if not already there, and a new day of objective journalism is at hand. If not, our country and our world are just going to grow darker.”

Assessing the Fifth Circuit’s Decision Staying OSHA’s Vaccinate-or-Test Emergency Temporary Standard. J. H. Adler — “While the court identified serious problems with the new OSHA regulation requiring larger employers to vaccinate or test their workers, its opinion was rushed and sloppy.”

The Kitchen-Table Drug Industry. Erwin Haas — “Some minor positives of the kitchen-table drug industry include the fact that it’s nice to see young college chemistry graduates start businesses and that at least the money is not going to drug cartels on our southern borders or to chemical engineers in China. The major problems with the kitchen table industry is its furtive nature, lack of standards, and the bizarre and occasional toxic effects. It undermines our standards of probity. But this black-market industry with its occasional problems would not exist absent the War on Drugs.”

Politicizing Medicine is Dangerous.  Alex Tabarrok — “Tens of thousands of people are dead because vaccines became politicized and people chose political identity over rationality. Yet instead of trying to depoliticize medicine, the AMA has doubled down and is going full woke.”

Lies, Half-Truths, and Misinformation Used to Sell the Covid Jab. Steve McCann — “The two-year Covid-19 pandemic from its origin in a laboratory in Wuhan to the Communist Chinese attempt to obfuscate and deliberately allow the virus to spread throughout the world, to the absurd economic and societal lockdowns throughout the planet, to now the incessant drumbeat of mandatory vaccinations with an unproven vaccine that does not prevent the disease, will go down as perhaps the inanest period of time in human history.  And the United States, with the inept and fascist Biden administration, is at the forefront of it all.”

The otherization of unvaccinated people is proceeding quickly. Andrea Widburg — “all this punitive action is in response to a disease that has, on average, a 99% survival rate.  We have become a world of extraordinary cowards, so isolated from risk that even a statistically minor risk turns us into quivering masses of fear who will hand over every vestige of liberty to people who have proven, over the last almost two years, incapable of keeping us safe.”

The World Is Not Right. Don Boudreaux — “Over the past six days I’ve taken four direct domestic flights on American Airlines. … The first cause of the delay was a crew shortage.” … “Upon finally boarding the flight from Hartford to DC, a middle-aged couple directly across the aisle from me each had a bottle of hand sanitizer. Before sitting in their seats, they proceeded to vigorously wipe down everything near their seats with the sanitizer – the seat backs and cushions, the arm rests, the window, the panels above their heads, the seat backs facing them, and the tray tables. By the time they were done with this ridiculous ordeal, I was half-surprised that they failed to wipe down also the floor beneath their feet.”



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