They think they’re OK – Understanding how they think this can be difficult

The Ten Stages of Genocide Are Hitting a Little Too Close to Home. J.B. Shurk — “this might be a good time to pull out Gregory H. Stanton’s “Ten Stages of Genocide” as a helpful reminder for keeping track of how things are “progressing” … Stanton, an academic and the founder of Genocide Watch, organized a sobering list of red-flag actions undertaken by governments over the last century on their way to committing mass murder.  See if any of them rings any bells with how supposedly “free” governments are behaving today.”

Only a bunch of socialists, communists, and fascists who have already murdered well over a hundred million people this last century without sating their bloodlust could keep on killing without reflection or remorse.  Besides, everything they do is with “the best of intentions” and for “the greater good.”

Book Review: The End of America – 100 Days that Shook the World, by J.J. Sefton. Leslie Eastman — “I give it 5 starts out of 5 stars. And if you are a regular reader of Ace of Spades HQ, you will want to get this book to support their efforts and to remember the gems that were published during one of the most challenging periods in this nation’s history.”

This Democrat Criminal Prosecution System is Deeply Immoral. Barry Shaw — “One certain sign that a country has gone off the rails is when the governing power systematically imposes a criminal prosecution that is prepared to change laws and conditions to favor the criminals over law-abiding citizens and create an atmosphere that leaves them defenseless.”

The Fifth Circuit Slapping Down Biden’s Illegal Vaccine Mandate Is Meaningless in the Face of a Lawless Presidency. streiff — “It is always nice to see federal judges protect civil liberties and reign in a ravenous federal bureaucracy,  … The sad fact is that the Biden bunch are telling businesses to ignore court orders that interfere with the mandate.”


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