Riots and destruction OK. Self defense and reality not.

Rittenhouse Takes The Stand. John Hinderaker — “Assuming the prosecution can limp its way to the finish line, it seems probable that the jury will return a verdict of not guilty. Assuming, of course, that the jurors haven’t been intimidated by thuggish individuals who have tried to video them so they can be identified and attacked if they acquit Rittenhouse.” … “This incident illustrates, like so many others, the danger of social media behemoths shutting down discussion of matters that should be very much up for debate.”

“Insane” genius: Did Rittenhouse gamble pay off? Ed Morrissey — “given how badly prosecutors had performed already, the gamble here was calculated … and likely a winner:”

The Rittenhouse case highlights tyrannical prosecutors. Wolf Howling — “America is suffering from a rash of prosecutors who are petty tyrants bent on fundamentally changing America by nullifying our duly enacted laws” … “We already have the necessary law: 18 U.S.C. § 242, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law. What we need is a federal government that will force prosecutors to end their petty tyrannies.”

The Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutor’s Case Comes Down To Rioting Good, Self-Defense Bad. Eddie Scarry — “The bulk of Thomas Binger’s questioning of Rittenhouse on Wednesday assumed that unless a person has physically touched you, there is no reason to protect yourself with force that may prove deadly.”

What Is an America that Holds Prisoners Indefinitely without Charging Them? E. Jeffrey Ludwig — “Those being held for many months without a trial are being denied their habeas corpus rights under the U.S. Constitution and even dating back to English law hundreds of years before our Constitution was implemented.  Not only are they being incarcerated without having had a trial, but there is some evidence that they are being mistreated or are being held 23 hours a day in solitary confinement, which is a punishment accorded only the most dangerous criminals, such as serial killers and terrorists.”

The O’Keefe Project.  Scott Johnson — “James O’Keefe et al. were raided under a federal search warrant procured by the FBI. Although O’Keefe was instructed to remain mum, the authorities promptly leaked news of the raid to the New York Times. All this in the matter of Ashley Biden’s diary.”

The admiral’s new sex: Transgenderism’s assault on basic truth. Michael Robillard — “For any military or society to function, there must exist the possibility for persons to say or at least to attempt to say true things.  For this to be possible, our terms and meanings must, in principle, be able to refer to both the objective world and to one another and to be held in check by a mutual set of rules and conditions shared equally by all language users.  The muddled ideology of transgenderism presently being forced upon the captive audience of America’s service members renders these necessary conditions for meaningful and truthful speech effectively impossible.”

So Elizabeth Warren is now trying to censor science — and it’s backfiring. John Klar — “On Nov. 7, an important suit was filed in Federal District Court for the Western District of Washington against Elizabeth Warren for her brazen effort to censor a book challenging the false narrative of the Biden administration about COVID-19 and the trustworthiness of vaccines.”

Adam Schiff’s disgraceful legacy. Gregg Jarrett — “The highest ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee refuses to accept responsibility for nourishing the wild accounts of treasonous acts that never occurred”

Biden Is Waging Total War against American Energy. T.R. Clancy — “Energy secretary Jennifer Granholm, the laughing face of Joe Biden’s not-so-funny energy policy, told CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday that Americans’ home-heating costs are going up this winter.”

Trump Never Defended Calls To ‘Hang Mike Pence,’ But Shameless Media Can’t Stop Lying About It. Kylee Zempel — “Trump didn’t ‘defend’ calls to ‘hang Mike Pence,’ and anyone who has listened to the audio clip knows it.” another Charlotsville ‘nice guys’ fake narrative easily visible for anyone who cares for the truth of the matter.

Kmele Foster Is Right: Banning Critical Race Theory Isn’t Going To Stop It. Joy Pullmann — “Classical liberals like Kmele Foster have repeatedly insisted that declining to publicly fund certain speech is not censorship. But he’s right that critical race theory bans aren’t anywhere near enough.” … “If it is law, it can be changed. And it should be, because racism is evil. So, yes, ban teachers from preaching racism on the taxpayers’ dime. But don’t stop there, because government-sponsored racism doesn’t stop there, either. Not even close.”

White supremacy or evolution? Jocelynn Cordes — one only has to look at post-colonial Africa to see this.

Kevin Roche Responds.Scott Johnson — “What really strikes me is how wedded many people are to having the epidemic and its restrictions last forever. What kind of mental illness is this?”

Liberal Governor Tried To Pump Covid Numbers To Justify Shutdown, John Hinderaker — “what is happening here is that the governor wanted to order restrictions on “social gatherings, weddings, funerals,” but the Department of Health’s data on origin of covid infections showed such a small number coming from those events that people wouldn’t buy the governor’s proposed shutdown. So the Department of Health was encouraged to calculate second and third generation infections on into the future–“generations of transmission”–to make the numbers look bigger.”

AMA Becomes a Shill of the Left. Eileen F. Toplansky — “Social justice is replacing medicine. The results will be dire as wokeness hijacks and destroys everything and everyone in its path.”

Against Masking Our Children: My Experience with a Local School Board. Richard Moss, MD — “the collateral damage from the lockdowns and other devastations visited upon us by the regime have far exceeded the costs of the COVID virus itself. But in a largely secular nation, many of our countrymen have found a new religion, the religion of COVID.”

Scientists and journalists criticizing Aaron Rodgers for ‘spreading misinformation’ should look in the mirror. Jack Hellner — “The reason that media distrust is at its highest now is because of how much they are willing to mislead or lie on COVID, climate, fossil fuels, Russian collusion, systemic racism, or the border. They will also bury stories of Biden family corruption, Clinton Family corruption, FBI corruption or anything else they deem might be unhelpful as the campaign for Democrats and their radical leftist policies to remake or destroy America.”


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