why does so much of the rest of the establishment allow them to get away with it?

feel the zeitgeist. Red Queen “justice”. 

Our World Gone (Climate) Mad. I & I Editorial Board — “While much of the First World is suffering from climate derangement syndrome, the global warming scare offers great opportunities for graft, corruption, and greater political power to “leaders” who know better but use the ginned-up crisis to harden the bubbles they live in.”

Some days it seems as if it’s useless to continue to fight the fight against global warming. Politicians, “journalists,” activists, activist scientists, celebrities, and a substantial portion of the public tell us that human activity is causing Earth to warm and there’s no more to the story than that. Skepticism is equated with denial. Questions are verboten. Aligning with the alarmists’ account is the only acceptable response. … 

We have entered an era in which claims without evidence are presented as unassailable fact, and much of the advanced world is buying the story. Charles Mackay warned about the dangers of this sort of behavior in 1841’s “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.”

“We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object and go mad in its pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion, and run after it,” he wrote.

Trickle-Down Bidenism. Victor Davis Hanson — “This Biden socialist cadre who engineered these self-induced calamities has no clue about the damage they have done to America.”

weld together a hard-left socialist agenda with the control of the White House and Congress onto the combined forces of progressive woke media, Silicon Valley, the corporate boardrooms, the entertainment industry, academia, and the Wall Street borg—all in the age of instant and intrusive communications—and it’s no wonder a country, even a nation as resilient as the United States, can descend quite quickly in ways that make America almost unrecognizable.

In other words, 40 weeks of relentless Bidenism finally permeates most of the nation. …

The country is rapidly retribalizing—the most toxic and sickest of all of Joe Biden disastrous gifts to America over the last 10 months. The Biden fixation with race reverberates throughout the intelligence agencies, the bureaucracy, the Pentagon, and the White House, as left-wing furies are unleashed shrieking and searching for mythical “white rage” and “white supremacy.” 

Medicine Wants To Kill You. James Howard Kunstler — “Everything about the virus and its countermeasures — from the murky origins of it in Dr. Anthony Fauci’s official funding of bioweapons research, to the patent trail of conflicted ownerships and interests in the subsequent vaccine developments, to the fierce suppression of news and debate — suggests nefarious motives, or else a mass psychotic panic among the very highly-trained people society must depend on in a crisis.”

Then on to The American Thinker, locked and loaded as usual (and swimming in noxious ads).

Must-see Tucker Carlson video about the cause of America’s woes. Andrea Widburg — “People are beginning to realize that something is wrong with America’s ruling class, and by “people,” I don’t mean people like you, who are actively engaged in politics.  I’m talking about people who want nothing to do with politics or people living in prosperous leftist enclaves who haven’t been forced to think about what’s happening to less affluent Americans.” … “the ordinary people, the ones who tuned out of politics a long time ago, are realizing that if they want to prevent America from turning into an apocalyptic hellscape, they need to speak out and act.”

With help from the DOJ, the National Archives enter the political fray. Courtney Kramer, Esq. — Get Trump – no matter the cost!

Biden tells businesses to obey him, not court orders, on his vaccine mandate. Monica Showalter — “This is the kind of crap the left accused Trump of, back when Gen. Mark Milley was calling up his Chinese counterpart warning them that he’d ensure there would be no invasion, and Democrats and Pentagon brass were paranoia-ing among themelves about President Trump refusing to leave office, despite the stolen 2020 election. They’ve repeatedly accused Trump of what Biden is doing right now. - Obviously, they were projecting.”

The Texas Attorney General Versus the Biden Administration. Jeff M. Lewis — “the Texas Attorney General is drawing the map and charting the path to how every state negatively affected by the current regime’s (alleged) criminal behavior can hold them accountable.”

How did we get here? Can this mess be fixed? Mark Landsbaum — “We have entered a dark age.  Truth, not always abundantly obvious, has been increasingly shrouded thanks to the growing cynicism and polarization of our day.  The condition is getting worse by the day.” … “when truth is jettisoned.  We lose not only the ability to see the logical flaws in others’ arguments, we don’t see our own either.”

Rittenhouse trial plagued by corporate tech and Big Media bid to taint his case. Monica Showalter — “the prosecutors weren’t the only creeps in this case.  A hell of a lot was done by corporate and Big Tech America to demonize the kid without trial and shut the kid’s ability to defend himself from a public that wanted to help him out well before the trial.” … “Since Facebook didn’t like him, they decided that he wasn’t to be allowed due process, which is what Antifa members get.  So much for that “democracy” these leftists are always pontificating about.  Impunity for leftists, Red Queen “justice” for right-wing Rittenhouse.  It’s vile and disgusting.” … “why the heck does so much of the rest of the establishment allow them to get away with it?”

Some questions on climate change to stump those at gabfest number 26. Jack Hellner — summarizing the big picture. “Why do most journalists go along without doing research and asking questions?  Because most haven’t cared about facts for a long time — only pushing the radical leftists’ agenda.”

Getting Through the Next Six Months of COVID. Thomas T. Siler, Jr., MD — be prepared before anything happens, just in case. Don’t depend upon getting effective or proper treatment from big Medicine if you get hit. Properly assess the risks and costs.


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