The behavior of the FBI isn’t funny.

Something Being Overlooked in the Danchenko Indictment – A Bigger Indictment of U.S. Media. Sundance — “Maybe not an 800lb gorilla in the room, but at least to a troop of screaming spider monkeys swinging from the drapes and chandeliers.”

The Dossier Deceit. National Review Editors — “The web of deceit is a tangled one, but while the indictment details a shocking story of transnational dirty tricks weaponized at the highest level of American politics, the most significant moral failure was on the part of the FBI itself.”

Russiagate has no rock bottom. Aaron Maté — “The indictment of the Steele dossier’s key source newly humiliates the Clinton campaign, FBI, and US media.” … “While the Danchenko indictment brings new embarrassment to Steele’s media and political dupes, it offers new evidence of negligent and potentially even criminal behavior on the part of the FBI.”

The FBI And The Stolen Diary. John Hinderaker — “The strangest news story of the last few days relates to multiple FBI raids on the homes of people associated with Project Veritas, including that of founder James O’Keefe. Those who were searched say that the agents were looking for information related to the alleged theft of a diary belonging to Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley” … “Since when is the alleged theft of a woman’s diary a federal crime? Let alone a federal crime that warrants investigation by the FBI? - Jonathan Turley reviews the facts of the case and asks: … “

There is a context to this story that goes well beyond the sadness of Joe Biden’s deeply troubled family. The FBI’s once-stellar reputation has been badly tarnished in recent years, and many millions of Americans now see the Bureau as a politicized agency that has become, in important ways, an arm of the Democratic Party. The Case of the Missing Diary may be trivial in itself, but the fact that the FBI is now executing search warrants on the homes of political opponents of the Biden administration, with no national interest at stake other than the reputation of the Biden family, lends support to that suspicion.

The Kamikaze Party. David Catron — “The Democrats respond to last week’s defeat with a series of futile suicide missions.” … “They would rather commit political suicide than foreswear leftist dogma.”

‘This Is Not Funny. This Is Insane’: Social Media Buries SNL Celebrating Abortion With ‘Goober The Clown’. Hank Berrien — ridicule is a defense when used against those highlighting an undesired reality.

George Floyd Friend Claims Rittenhouse Jurors Are Being Tracked and Photographed. Victoria Taft — “A similar situation existed during the Minneapolis trial of Derek Chauvin, the officer who was convicted of killing George Floyd in the case that touched off the riots of summer 2020 and beyond. During the Chauvin trial, jurors were afraid for their safety. They had to walk through a gauntlet of barricades and pass through security to get inside the courtroom. Protesters were camped outside.”


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