Dishonest people and the don’t care culture

The “Racial Reckoning’s” Reckoning.  Paul Mirengoff – 

Actually, these two developments — defund the police and teaching CRT — are surprising under any view of America other than that it went insane. No sane society would entertain the possibility of abolishing or cutting way back on its police force and switching to “a comprehensive public health approach to public safety.” No sane nation would teach children that race is a central fact about them and their classmates or that an evil like racism is the central fact about its history.

The rest is The American Thinker taking the field, again. 

America’s purported ‘Original Sin’ taints American race relations. Helen Louise Herndon — “The most likely culprit for the divide is the simplistic, inaccurate approach to American history in our schools.” If you think Fake News is destructive, how about fake history?

Our mostly complicit, compliant, sycophant press has no concern about facts, only Democrat power. Jack Hellner – it’s a systemic failure of one of the checks and balances upon which society depends.

Everyone Should Watch Tucker Carlson’s ‘Patriot Purge’. Christopher Garbacz — “Tucker makes a strong case that half the country and most all of D.C. have gone mad. This ties in with Tucker’s earlier historical listing of hysterias throughout the ages—witch trials, heretic trials, pogroms, and so forth.”

Raid on Project Veritas journalists once again shows the different standards in the application of law. Rajan Laad — “There are almost two different legal systems in the US. If Trump or anybody who is seen to be pro-Trump, such as Project Veritas, General Flynn, Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, is involved the FBI becomes Dirty Harry.” almost??

Hillary’s Russian Dossier and Other Legal and Media Travesties. Clarice Feldman — “few big media operations have reporters with the background or editors and media producers with journalistic principles to accurately inform you about legal matters. This week, looking at John Durham’s Danchenko indictment and the Kyle Rittenhouse case in Kenosha, Wisconsin, that point was made crystal clear.”

The Political Class Is Working To Make Americans Expendable. John Simpson — “If you back way up and look at the overall picture here, it has all the appearances of a Stalinist purge of the non-compliant and brutal examples made of those who would challenge Democrat authority as a warning to others.”


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