What is it now? BPA will kill you?

Dr. Ross takes off after the latest hysteria – the fear of the plastic used to make rugged hard sided bottles. He notes a correlation in the source of the FUD mongering:

This new scare is part and parcel of the “back to nature” school of public health. There is no substance to the dogma promulgated by technophobes that “natural is good, synthetic is bad.” All of the great epidemic infections we have conquered are of “natural” origin — and we beat them with technology. The same folks who warn us against BPA — and phthalates in toys and all the other phony threats — tend to oppose gene-splicing technology, which holds the promise of relieving food scarcity now threatening world health and stability. But they’d rather rant about non-existent health threats
they invent than deal with real-life problems. They have been warning us about the dangers of cosmetics, French fries and vaccines — while ignoring real problems, such as smoking and underutilization of interventions such as colonoscopy and adult immunizations.

I must paraphrase Edmund Burke: the only requirement for the ignorant to triumph is for the informed to remain silent. That’s what is happening now, as voices of alarm become ever more shrill

Maybe we should start a pool on the Next Great Fear

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