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You can bet that someone has said it better than you ever can, the problem is just finding what they said. Here’s one.

The cognitive dissonance required of them is almost staggering to contemplate. They espouse an ideology that insists: that they are the only ones who truly respect and admire other cultures and that they have a lock on promoting “diversity”—while they indirectly (and sometimes even directly) argue that 2 billion Muslims are just “not ready” for democracy and self-government; that they are the sole defenders of free and open speech—even as they promote a crippling political correctness and try to place restrictions on any speech that disagrees with their own too-fragile-to-debate-openly ideals; that they are the true sophisticates, the guardians of a delicate and noble civilization—even as they argue that the defense of that very civilization is unjust, and that the civilization itself is not worth defending, based as it is on greed and racism; that they are the only ones who truly care about the men and women in the American military – after thirty years of neglect and openly-expressed contempt for them, and while seeking to render their sacrifices in Iraq meaningless by abandoning the Iraqis to the shifty avarice of the UN, or to whatever other bleak fate the Left’s indifference would leave them subject to; that they are the champions of “new ideas” and “change”—even as they cling illogically to all sorts of antiquated, fully discredited, and even long-abandoned ideas on how to run a government, an economy, a nation.

These contradictions, all of them accepted as holy and inviolable writ by an elitist journalist class that functions for the most part now not as a reliable source of accurate information but as a dishonest and untrustworthy disseminator of reactionary statist propaganda, sometimes get to be too much for some of us erstwhile Lefties to bear, and we go skittering off from the main body of the Borg-like Lefty collective like drops of sweat off Gerry Cooney’s face at the moment his chin gets blasted by the full brunt of another George Foreman haymaker. It happened to me back around the time of Gulf War ‘91, and it happens every day to somebody else. But this migration—or maybe mitosis would be a better word for it—is an odd phenomenon; it can’t be forced, and it can’t really be predicted, and it was certainly a mistake to ever assume that any external event like a 9/11 could suddenly force it onto masses of misguided souls still mired in Lefty stasis.

But I didn’t start this blog to convince anybody; I didn’t start this blog to influence, or to persuade, or to popularize, or to convert, or any of those things. I started this blog to yell, plain and simple. I started this blog to finally be able to say it, and mean it, and to make sure that if anybody should accidentally run across it somehow and bother reading through all the boiling vitriol (or steaming tripe, if you prefer), they would know for sure that at least one person out there was mighty damned angry about what thirty years of Democrat misrule had done to my country. Like all acts of creativity, it was an act of sharing that was based on ultimate selfishness. And contrary to my mistaken assumption that 9/11 would finally force a significant number of Lefties to see, really see, there are still plenty of them to yell about, and at. [Mike. Raisonneur Cold Fury. 31 December 2004]

The 9/11 assault on NYC was a trigger. It was events such as in the following report that emphasize the outrage.

This morning, Representative Jim Clyburn of South Carolina delivered the Democrats’ weekly radio address. In delivering the address, Clyburn suggested the following “resolution” for 2005:

President Bush and this new Congress must resolve to adequately equip our fighting men and women. Our soldiers should never want for proper equipment and accurate intelligence. Their patriotism and sacrifice should never be doubted or compromised. And they and their families should always be treated with dignity, respect, and fairness.

It is hard to believe that anyone in the Democratic Party could attempt to put themselves on the high-ground on this issue. The selection of Clyburn to deliver this address to make this the first point is baffling. Why is this?

Clyburn voted AGAINST the $87 billion dollar supplemental package for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, which was, amongst other things, meant to provide them with the proper equipment.

Yet, the Democratic Party chose Clyburn to give their weekly address and “advise” the President and Congress to “to adequately equip our fighting men and women.” This is either a despicable case of hypocrisy, or a cruel practical joke by the Democratic Party.[Matt Margolis blogged for Bush in category Loser Watch at 1 Ja 05]

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