People insist upon having their own reality

Dr Roger Pielke, Jr – What does IPCC AR6 say on Scenarios and Extreme Weather? Charles Rotter — “not only wrong, it was irresponsible. Instead of apocalyptic warnings about “immediate risk” a top line message of this report should be: The Extreme Scenario that IPCC Saw as Most Likely in 2013 is Now Judged Low Likelihood, an incredible change in such a short time since the AR5 Report, which has not been highlighted by the media.”

I have never met or seen a climate change denier, but I have seen a lot of climate change liars spreading scary propaganda. Jack Hellner — “Considering all the dire forecasts on climate change, maybe some facts could lower the temperature.”

The Freak-Out Over Tucker’s January 6 Documentary Begins.Julie Kelly — “The original narrative about January 6 is not to be disturbed, no matter how many facets of that original narrative have been shattered.”

The Myth of White Privilege. Stephen Kershnar — “Throughout academia, the corporate world, and government, leaders are pushing the notion that American society advantages whites and disadvantages blacks. The notion of white privilege, though, is mistaken, thereby rendering worthless much of the teaching and underlying research.”  

The Democrats in our lives. Brandi Levine — “How to interact with the Democrats in our lives is an issue … What do Democrats hope to achieve by such behavior — do they think insulting and cutting off Republican friends and family will make us change our political views?”

We Can’t Vaccinate This Pandemic Away. Robert Clancy — “The conclusion to be taken from these collective authoritarian decisions is that medical choice is no longer the prerogative of the doctor-patient relationship in Australia. Bureaucrats for any reason can decide and enforce medical issues without discussion with relevant medical experts.”

The problem is in the column Can antibiotics, ivermectin and supplements help fight COVID-19? Bayo Curry-Winchell — bald assertions towing the party line sans evidence and even contradicting plainly visible phenomena.


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