Beyond the knee jerk. Implications and unintended consequence.

Is Cancel Culture Literally Killing Us? Emily Jashinsky — “It’s a matter of life and death. … fear of repercussions is preventing doctors from providing patients with better care.”

The result is an environment in which only one position on questions of enormous consequence is accepted in polite society. And the result of that is now a matter of life and death. It harms all of us, but good luck telling that to elites who rack up likes and retweets and editorial affirmation in the short term.

Jessica Berg Wilson’s death shouldn’t have happened. Pandra Selivanov — “Jessica Berg Wilson died from a risk she was not willing to take but was coerced into.” … “Twitter censored Jessica’s obituary, labeling it as misinformation.” … “All people should be free to decide how much risk they are willing to take with their own life. That freedom was taken away from Jessica.”

The flaw is in the binary view of freedom in a society that you depend upon for food, shelter, and other needs. The real question is where the line is drawn between an individual’s freedoms and the needs of the society and the process used to infringe on the individual. With COVID, it is becoming apparent that the need is minor, the social demands are major, and the process and evidence used by society is flawed. Consider another argument, one that tosses in a false ‘scientist says’ assertion much like those infesting COVID arguments.

Impact of forest thinning on wildfires creates divisions. Don Thompson — “Critics say forest thinning operations are essentially logging projects in disguise.” .vs. ““Clearly it’s a matter of debate in policy arenas and management, but I think in terms of the scientific literature, the evidence is overwhelming,” said John Battles, a professor of forest ecology at the University of California, Berkeley.”

Garland Just Tipped Over the Dominos. Roger Kimball — “Parents across the country have suddenly woken up to the wokeness haunting their schools and poisoning the minds of their children. — Destruction of the family has always been at the center of the collectivist project.”


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