Shame! Disgrace! — Who, me?

Enemies Of The State. John Hinderaker — “It remains to be seen whether Garland’s memo is just a sop to a Democratic Party constituency, or signals a serious intent to violate the civil rights of parents who complain to local school boards. Either way, Glenn’s closing injunction is on the money: “it’s a disgrace that such a campaign exists at all”

More on the DOJ’s war against protesting parents – and on fighting back. neo — “The idea of this initiative against protesting parents is not necessarily to arrest them but to frighten them into submission for fear of arrest, and also to make the gullible portion of the American public believe that such protestors are terrorists”

The Terrors Of “Justice,” In Re: J. Eastman.  Steven Hayward — “the Nixon saga led to a new phase in American politics, by which Democrats, in the form of their permanent government servants and media adjuncts, decided to criminalize political differences.”

Donald Trump Is Being Accused of Obstruction of Justice Again. Bonchie — “You do not need to be a lawyer to understand how subpoenas and privilege work, though, apparently being one that appears on MSNBC actually decreases your understanding of the issue. Trump has a right to instruct his former executive employees to reject the subpoenas on the grounds of executive privilege. That will then be litigated in the courts”

In short, this is more far-left idiocy propagated by a willingness to completely misconstrue the facts in order to go after the bad orange man. They are never going to stop and they believe legal protections do not apply to their enemies.

Third Round Of Jan. 6 Subpoenas Target More Citizens Exercising Their Right To Protest. Tristan Justice — “Since its inception, however, the Select Committee on Jan. 6 has served as a show trial for Democrats in partnership with a pair of leading NeverTrump Republicans to seek retribution against political dissidents.” … “Lawmakers on the committee have yet to issue subpoenas for officials at the FBI, which The New York Times admitted last week planted informants in the crowd that overtook the Capitol. The probe’s first round of subpoenas targeted four former Trump aides.”

Are we in the grip of a mass psychosis?. neo — “I don’t think the analogy to schizophrenia or any other kind of psychosis is correct, although I do agree with some of the assertions in the video, such as the enormous influence of fear and the drumming up of fear.”

Kevin Roche: “I am so certain I am right in how I interpret the data or what I believe the appropriate response is; I bring it up because of what I have learned about humans.” — see also Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 34 for links of note.


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