The truth is evident and pervasive – but some don’t like the taste of the medicine needed.

Now Established: The Church Of Branch Covidianism. Mark Wauck — “Tucker starts out by noting what we’re all aware of–America, once a country of religious people, has become the land of the unchurched.” … “What Branch Covidianism provides, which has hitherto been lacking, is the external signs: sacraments and sacramentals.”

The Disaster at Our Southern Border. Mark Morgan — “In just a few short months, the Biden administration has created a disaster on the southern border of the United States. It did so by methodically—and by all indications intentionally—undoing every meaningful border security measure that had been in place.” … “Our national discussion of border security is generally misleading, and it is designed to be misleading by those who favor open borders.”

In conclusion, it is simply common sense to view border security as national security. If you make this point today, you risk being called a racist or worse. But it needs to be said over and over until we fight our way back to the point where we have a bipartisan consensus that immigration laws should be enforced. This is not going to be easy. Even as the acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, I had my official government Twitter account blocked prior to the 2020 election for posting a photograph of the border wall and explaining that it is an integral part of effective border security. The powers-that-be eventually reversed this decision, but it is an indication of what the American people—who overwhelmingly support border security—are up against.

The Government’s Case Against Many Jan. 6 Defendants is in Legal Jeopardy. Ameer Benno — “The obstruction charge on which the government is relying so heavily may, in fact, be unconstitutional as applied to most of the Jan. 6 defendants.” … “because it did not put them on notice that a brief trespass into the Capitol while participating in a political rally could subject them to a 20-year prison sentence.” … “just as the government has flexed the facts to fit its narrative, it’s now also trying mightily to bend the law.”

The American Thinker is on the issues. Here’s some of today’s highlights.

Across-the-board failure at the highest level of our military. Ed Timperlake — “Americans who never served in the military have now finally observed what many in uniform have seen: there is one thing worse than an arrogant, pompous general, and that is an ignorant arrogant, pompous general.”

What the press is leaving out about the Arizona election audit. Michael Kimmitt — “The ethical corruption of our national new media has extended to a degree that once would have seemed unimaginable.”

Leftist policies are wrecking global supply chains and triggering shortages and looming hyperinflation. Stand by for capitalism to be blamed. Thomas Lifson — “We already see soaring prices, empty store shelves, shortages of critical products, factories shut down, workers unemployed, and people freezing in their homes.  Soon, progressives will be blaming capitalism itself and demanding more government controls if not outright seizure of the means of production.”

Will American museums have any decent docents? Andrea Widburg — “For as long as I can remember, and for a lot longer than that, the backbone of many museums across America has been the docent, a knowledgeable volunteer who gives out information and guides tours at the museum.” … “the latest news from the leftists’ race wars is that the Art Institute of Chicago has fired all its (mostly White) volunteers.”

Are Perceptions of COVID Changing? Anthony J. Ciani — “Mask and vaccine mandates are less politically damaging than they should be.” … “The repetition of the big lie, suppression of facts and lack of personal experiences have skewed perceptions.” … “The truth is evident and pervasive.  They said lockdowns would end COVID.  They said distancing would end COVID.  They said masks would end COVID.  They said vaccines would end COVID.  We lost our jobs, missed our families, miseducated our children, suffocated and killed ourselves and are over 90% vaccinated or immune and COVID is still here.  When will they let it end?”

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