Being kind to the cruel means being cruel to the kind [Prager]

The Symptoms of Our Insanity. Victor Davis Hanson — “What explains these insanities that are insults to the American people’s intelligence?” — “Did anyone just five years ago believe the following could possibly happen in America—and invoke almost no popular outrage from a somnolent public?”

Didn’t anyone see the 14,000 Haitians? Silvio Canto, Jr. — “Last week, we had dinner with Mexican friends who said two things about the border crisis.  First, they commented that Mexicans are sick and tired of foreigners walking through their country.  Second, our friends are not the only ones asking how the Haitians got to the U.S.”

A dose of reality about crime in America. Andrea Widburg — “French falls into the fallacies every leftist does, which is to point to the fact that lots of people in America are imprisoned for having committed crimes.” — “According to Delano Squires, who, like French’s adopted daughter, is Black, that’s a gross over-simplification that leads to policies that harm people in those neighborhoods most affected by crime.” — “French, like so many White liberals, has let his condescending biases and inaccurate facts get in the way of advancing policies that will genuinely help crime-ridden neighborhoods.”

Does Biden Believe That Laws Should Only Be Observed Selectively? Frank Hawkins — “a highly troubling aspect of a disintegrating presidency that appears to run on the premise that if you don’t like the law, evade it or ignore it.” — “A lawless society inspired and governed by blatant criminal behavior at the top is the signature of a Third World country. It’s not a healthy situation, particularly when the so-called major media are ignoring or, even worse, covering up for a lawless administration.”

An ‘anti-vaxxer’ catches COVID. Martin Fuentes — “I have lived through far, far worse flus in my life.” — “I have not had the mRNA vaccine.  But I have far better protection against COVID than do the vaccinated.  I’m probably also less likely to spread COVID than is a vaccinated person.”


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