disconnect: Jan 6 video, southern invasion, narrative enforcement

The Biden administration: lying with impunity. neo — “It means to lie with no bad consequences, with “freedom from punishment, harm, or loss.” … “about the administration’s lies: they are absurd and are not meant to convince. They are meant to do a number of other things, and the collusion of the MSM is the key to making it work.”

The Feds Are Forced to Release January 6th Surveillance Footage and Narratives Crumble. Bonchie — “A judge ordered the videos be released against the wishes of the government prosecutors who claimed doing so would undermine national security. Of course, that makes no sense, and what’s on the videos runs counter to the chosen narrative.” … “There’s no mad rush, no violence, no weapons, and certainly no organized insurrection. Instead, people mingle, take selfies, and snap pictures of the surrounding architecture.”

SF Mayor London Breed Flouts City’s COVID Mask Orders—And The Science Is On Her Side. Cameron English — “San Francisco Mayor London Breed has again flouted the pandemic-control measures she previously insisted everyone else follow. She’s a hypocrite for doing so, but her behavior illustrates an important lesson about the risk posed by COVID-19.” … “Part of the reason is that I live in a region of California with relatively lax rules (at least for now), though the primary reasons I feel comfortable venturing out into the world are summed up in these graphs:”

Why Do Doctors Go Along with COVID Panic Porn and CDC Prescriptions? Ted Noel — “There are two basic legs to the fraud.  First is the idea that the Centers for Disease Control is in any way concerned with a mission related to its name. … The second leg of the fraud is less visible to the naked eye but much more powerful.”

Any doctor who actually reads the studies, or follows any of the protocols published by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, will see a lot of peer pressure to stop.  The financial risks may be extreme.  It takes a spine of steel to stand up to the authoritarian orthodoxy.

Trouble in Vegas – Clark County Commission Declares COVID Misinformation A Public Health Emergency. Sundance  — “In reality, “misinformation” and “disinformation” doesn’t exist – there is just information you accept, and information you do not accept” … “the Clark County commission in Nevada voted today to establish “COVID misinformation” as a public health emergency, clearing the way for the largest (and most notoriously corrupt) county in Nevada to create ordinances blocking any form of speech they consider adverse to their approved narrative.”


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