Facts be damned. Milley, Filipovics.

The conversation Gen. Milley and Speaker Pelosi had about Trump launching a nuclear strike: ‘You know he’s crazy’ (Update). John Sexton — “Of course I don’t want to see a nuclear strike against anyone but given that none was order or even contemplated it seems accurate to say Gen. Milley overstepped his bounds and quite literally took on aspects of the president’s authority as commander-in-chief that no one elected him to take on.”

No, ‘Anti-Vax’ Republicans Are Not To Blame For The Weakening Economy. I & I Editorial Board — “Expect more of this sort of fact-free nonsense as the economy struggles in the weeks and months ahead.” … “Let’s be clear. The reason the economy is struggling is that Biden decided to abandon every pro-growth Trump policy. Inflation is rising because Biden is deficit-spending with abandon. And he’s just getting started. If he has his way, he’ll add $3.5 trillion in new spending, paid for in part by massive tax hikes. Then we will really be in trouble.” … “Of course, the more the economy suffers under President “Build Back Better” Biden, the more the Filipovics will come out of the woodwork trying to blame Republicans. Any Republican. For any reason. No matter how absurd. Facts be damned.”


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