Dereliction of duty

The Top Reason I Hate Masks Is They Force Me To Live By Lies. Joy Pullmann __ “Being forced to wear a mask is being forced to communicate that I support treating COVID-19 as if it should take priority over everything else in life. That’s not only false, but evil.” … “It communicates that I believe harassing the living hell out of Americans is a justified response to a disease with a 99.5 percent survival rate or better for those younger than 65. It communicates that it is reasonable to worship health as an idol, and to control citizens with fear.”

This Dissent Over Mask Mandates Explains Why Tyranny Wins When Judges Won’t Act. Kylee Zempel — “The courts have one job, and when they don’t do it, we all suffer.” … “In fact, that was Ziegler’s main point: “I dissent because, once again, this court abdicates its responsibility to ‘say what the law is.’” Take a moment to read her dissent (citations have been removed, but you can find them in the original document here):”

When the court is silent on these matters, as the Wisconsin Supreme Court was over this mask order, the unelected bullies with the most power get a little more confident telling the hardworking citizens who pay their salaries what do to. The next time some head honcho in a healthy Wisconsin county gets the bright idea that he can gin up an unconstitutional law out of thin air, he’ll have silence from the state’s high court egging him on, and Wisconsinites will once again pay the price.

The Texas Heartbeat Bill Will Protect The Unborn, But Damage Our Justice System. Kyle Sammin — “Texas’s new abortion bill will overrun courts with amateur prosecutors avenging wrongs that have not caused them any particularized harm.” … “In place of the executive branch enforcing the law, as is typical, Texas authorizes “[a]ny person, other than an officer or employee of a state or local governmental entity in this state” to bring a civil action against anyone who performs an abortion or knowingly aids or abets the performance of one.” … “Why the convoluted enforcement mechanism? It is a bit of legal sleight-of-hand designed to avoid the usual ways federal courts stop states from restricting abortion.” What is buried in the argument is that the Texas bill is a response to the destruction of the ‘Justice System’. The other hypocrisy in the argument is that the government and not the people should be in charge of the process.

Two Unexpected Signs Of A Coming Conservative Ascendency. I & I Editorial Board — “The ever-more-radical left may rule in Washington, Hollywood, the media, academe, and the arts, but when an architecture of ideas is built on a San Andreas Fault of error and defiance of human nature, the inevitable failures register high on the Richter Scale.” … Gutfield and Elder are bellwethers.

Now The Taliban Have Gone Too Far, John Hinderaker — “What on God’s green Earth was a George Floyd mural doing in Kabul? Apparently these “art” works were created by something called Artlords:”

Today In Academic Crazy,  Steven Hayward — “I keep hearing anecdote after anecdote of academic searches where while[sic] males are simply ruled out of a search selection on the basis of their skin and gender alone. They say the plural of anecdote is data: I think the EEOC ought to do an investigation of college hiring searches, and compile the statistics over time for how many white males made it to the typical three-finalist pools from which hires are made. My hypothesis is that the results would look as blatantly embarrassing as the information that came out on Harvard’s deliberate discrimination against Asians.”


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