So where’s the accountability?

Defeat and Dishonesty. Mark Steyn — “As Victor says, there is a sickness in the US military which ought to be very troubling. Because that will never be addressed by the “mainstream” media, it is even more critical that the institutions of the right do more than merely peddle their lame-arse sappy-happy boosterism bollocks.”

“Solutions” are easy: all that would be required would be to revert to the norms of sovereign states with a prudent calculation of national interest as that term has been understood through the Westphalian era. That solution is obstructed by a ruling elite that despises its own countrymen and is increasingly on the take from China, using as its shock-troops a deranged army of the woke for whom every inconsequential errant Tweeter is the Hitler du jour, or at any rate the Jefferson Davis.
I get that defeat is a downer, I understand the urge to dine out on D-Day forever. But it is a necessary condition of any “solution” to live in truth, and to address honestly a global failure that in world-historical terms confirms China’s view that America is over. Yet the above drivel barely qualifies as the “shock” and “denial” of the first stages of grief. Too much American pseudo-conservatism’s analysis these past three weeks has been parochial and risible: perhaps the first solution is to demand a new and less pitifully deluded right.

The Appeal of Chaos: How Politicians and Pundits are Misconstruing The Supreme Court’s Order on the Texas Abortion Law. Jonathan Turley — “Roe has long been the battlefield described by Napoleon as “a scene of constant chaos” in which “the winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and the enemies.” The problem is that Biden cannot control that chaos any more than his predecessors and may, in fact, make it far worse.”

Psychological paralysis in the battle for America. M. E. Boyd — “Islam allows no accommodation with a non-believer. Christianity does” … “The predicament America finds herself in is difficult for the average American to internalize.” … “First, as ascribed to Sun Tzu, psychological paralysis underpins all. By severing an opponent’s connection to his environment (reality), from his perception of that reality, an opponent’s will to resist can collapse.”

Americans now cannot tell reality from its perception, cannot tell moral right from its dark counterpart, and have lost their empirical connection to the difference between the primordial and the refined. The strategy and the tactics of those, both domestic and foreign, who wish our nation and our people harm prevail. Whether these tactics have lessened a commitment to Christianity or a lessened commitment to Christianity has fostered these tactics is difficult to unravel. The result is that Islam is on the rise as a threat to Western Civilization.

Where are the apologies for spreading ‘harmful misinformation’ about fake ivermectin overdoses in Oklahoma hospital? Thomas Lifson — “news commentator gleefully spread a false story that rural hospitals and ambulances in Oklahoma were backed up because so many ignorant rubes were overdosing on ivermectin horse medicine.  Some were even losing their vision.”

Horse-Paste Hooey: How Left-Wing Lunatics Spread Yet Another Obvious Lie. Tyler Durden’ — “If one wants to wrap their brain around why the leftist-establishment media complex has lost all credibility, this Tablet article by Konstantin Kisin from August is mandatory reading worth ten minutes of your time.”

Latest Covid Hoax Tells The Story. Mark Wauck — “For The Left It’s Always About Politics–Meaning, Class” … “nothing so rational as cynical manipulation can account for the obvious wackiness that’s in play. It’s got to be something deeply psychological” … “The giveaway that this was an obvious hoax and was always about Lefty politics—and therefore about class—is that not only was this hoax located in a rural area but the also involved the meme of supposed rural gun violence.”

American Education Is Rotten from Top to Bottom. Jack Cashill — “Those students who leave America’s schools of education, Ed.D.s in hand, now control just about all forms of public education — and much of private education — from pre-school to (yes) medical school.  Unlike schools, say, of engineering or computer science or even liberal arts, if every graduate school of education in America shut down tomorrow, no one not on the payroll would miss them.  Always useless, they are now much worse than useless, and we are all paying the bill.”

No one’s safe from the righteous mob. Joanne Jacobs — “Nearly two-thirds of the attacks came from the scholar’s left, but 34 percent came from his or her right,” Hess notes. “The anti-Enlightenment left is leading the charge on campus speech suppression, but it has too much company.”

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