Consequences of Lost Trust

Something Is Wrong with America’s Top Commanders. Victor Davis Hanson — “Think of that irony. If Milley considered a politicized resignation to rebuke Trump over the false charge, then surely he could now consider a real resignation after overseeing the worst military disaster of the last half-century in Kabul.” … “Something is terribly wrong in the ranks of America’s top commanders that reflects something wrong with the country.” … “Somehow our new woke Pentagon is hell-bent on losing the trust of the American people—along with the wars it fights abroad.”

The Greatest Victory Since Napoleon Left Moscow. Roger Kimball — “the proper response to this ideology is not to offer it partnerships in the hope that you can make a mutually satisfying deal that caters to everyone’s “self-interest.” On the contrary, the proper response is to understand, as Benjamin Netanyahu put it, that we are dealing here with “a war to reverse the triumph of the West.”

American debacle. Alexander Tomský — “Where does the naive notion of American politicians that they can establish constitutional and secular government, if not democracy and human rights, in a foreign country of a completely different civilisation come from?” … “Liberals don’t like to hear that democracy originated in Judeo-Christian civilization and is not sustainable without its roots, as the American culture war proves.” … “The flight from Afghanistan put an end to one great illusion, but the insane ideology of “social justice” is a greater threat than Islamic terrorism. It is high time for liberal conservatives to man up and go on the offensive.”

The Real Authoritarians Threatening America. Newt Gingrich — “The great irony is that so many on the left used their argument that Trump is an authoritarian to justify acting as authoritarians themselves. For starters, look at the mainstream media.”

Tyler Durden – Rolling Stone ‘Horse Dewormer’ Hit-Piece Debunked After Hospital Says No Ivermectin Overdoses and USA Today ‘Fact Check’ Accuses Gold Star Parents Of Lying, Then Issues Massive Correction. major media caught with pants down

Vaccine Voodoo. James Rickards [] — “Many everyday Americans probably believe that the COVID vaccines will keep them from getting COVID. That’s not true and never has been true.”

The American Thinker ‘must reads’ … 

Fake News: The strange campaign against ivermectin escalates. Monica Showalter — “What’s with the bizarre campaign against ivermectin?”

The Healthcare Credibility Problem. Paul D. Hoffman — “My advice to healthcare providers is to stop speaking in absolutes, recognize that there has always been healthy disagreement among medical professionals, and most of all, recognize that when people decline their well-intended advice, it is because the healthcare community has a serious credibility problem.”

Second Thoughts: Dems Have A Few.  Clarice Feldman — “the major media are having a hard time burying the story of administrative incoherence and stupidity and the consequences here and abroad.”

Joe Biden and the Consequences of Lost Global Trust. Chet Richards — “All societies are based on trust.  It doesn’t matter how the society is organized. It could be a democracy, king and country, or even a totalitarian dictatorship.  What matters is that the people of that society have trust in their system and in their leadership.  Without that trust there is chaos.”

The Property We Have in Our Rights. Christopher Slager — “we must balance our assertion to individual rights with our collective duties measured to particular circumstances. … In exercising and defending our rights, we must think as shrewdly as the serpent and carry ourselves as innocently as the dove.”

What’s an ‘antivaxxer’? Peter Skurkiss — “After carefully listening to the pros and cons on the COVID vaccines and measuring their risk-to-reward, I am opposed to taking any. Does this make me an antivaxxer?” … “The pejorative ‘antivaxxer’ is not meant to be factual. Rather its intent is to shut down any discussion on the COVID vaccines that might make the medical establishment and Big Pharma feel uncomfortable.”

American employers are now conducting religious inquisitions. Andrea Widburg — “NCH conducted a religious colonoscopy on one of its employees for what was a pretext and a sham.”

Ever wonder why woke people hate America so much? Steve Feinstein — “we are raising — encouraging, even! — an entire generation of people who feel no ownership of, loyalty to, or obligation to the country in which they live.”

When civilization is treated like a dropped call. Spruce Fontaine — “What sort of mind accepts a job along with training as a 911 operator but then callously treats it like a bored call-screener on midnight radio?”

and others chip in:

Masks hurt kids — do they help? Joanne Jacobs — “There is “no scientific consensus” about masking schoolchildren, writes Prasad. “The World Health Organization, which recommends that children 12 and older wear masks under the same circumstances that adults do, specifically advises against masking kids age 5 and younger.” The U.S. is an outlier.”

How to Lie With Statistics and Bad Study Design, Mask Version. Kevin Roche — “to fully demonstrate the desperation of the mask religionists to find anything that supports mask effectiveness at stopping community spread of CV-19.”

Left’s outcry over Texas abortion ban has little to do with science, protecting women. Marjorie Dannenfelser — “Rooted at the very core of Texas’s Heartbeat Act is the concept of basic humanity, informed by science.”

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