It’s another thing for delusions to run your entire society

The Left’s Hysteria About Kids And COVID Is Much Worse Than QAnon. Joy Pullmann — “While the left loves to play up QAnon, they pshaw away the fact that Democrats’ entire rationale for ruling right now is a set of far more destructive conspiracy theories.” … “a mass hysteria based on conspiracy theories far worse than QAnon. It has no basis in science, data, or reality. It is entirely a psychotic power play that sane people must refuse to allow to control our lives” … “It’s one thing to be deluded. It’s another thing for delusions to run your entire society.”

‘Fact Checkers’ Play Word Games To Deny Biden Dozed Off During Meeting With Israeli PM. Fuzzy Slippers — “Who are you going to believe, the leftstream media or your lying eyes?” … “Note the “manipulated media” tag that Twitter added to this tweet to help their good friends”

American Thinker is on a roll. Check these out: Who Shall Rescue Us from Joe Biden? Geoffrey P. Hunt — The lies just keep on coming. Eric Utter — Yes, the Left is that Stupid. J.R. Dunn — A Ruling Class with Blood on Its Hands. J.B. Shurk



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