Questions that will not go away

Why Did Michael Byrd Fire Just A Single Shot? Parker Beauregard — another oddity of note

Jim Crow returns to California. Joel Kotkin — “The Golden State’s climate policies have enforced racial segregation” … “their draconian climate policies have created a racially segregated state more akin to the pre-Civil Rights era South.” The Nevada Independent has a report: Extreme temperatures disproportionately affects minority, low-income communities stuck in ‘heat islands’ Jazmin Orozco Rodriguez — on this same theme,

Global Warming Narrative Takes Another Hit. I & I Editorial Board — “Please don’t think this is an isolated and therefore meaningless example. There are many other facts that show the global warming fears are overblown.” … “The climate alarmists have been running a nonstop racket for decades, always demanding more of other people’s money and greater power over others’ lives. As long as they keep it up, we’ll continue to point out the gaping holes in their tales. It’s our public service.”

A Critically-Thinking Person Might Look At The Delta Data & Conclude… Jim Quinn [via The Burning Platform blog] — “It’s amazing how you can lie with statistics when you don’t provide context and/or leave key information out of your false narrative.” … “The current all hands on deck campaign to discredit ivermectin is a sign of desperation”

Ivermectin: Chemists Place Themselves Between Doctor and Patient. Phillip M. Altman — “That pharmacists should place themselves between doctor and patient, presuming the right to countermand a decision made a physician on the basis of suspicion alone, so outraged Phillip Altman, a veteran pharmacologist who specialises in the testing and trials of new drugs, he sent off the letter below.”

Five Ways to Deal with the COVID Karens in Your Life. Scott MorefieldScott Morefield — “It pits the hypochondriacs, the hysterical busybodies intent on using the virus to run everybody’s life, those who favor lockdowns and vaccine & mask mandates while refusing to discuss the science and data that opposes their worldview, against level-headed, freedom-loving individuals who know how to apprise risk and act accordingly.”

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