A race to the bottom


Still Crazy About Trump.  John Hinderaker – “So you might expect the editorialists to cite at least one thing Trump did that was arguably illegal. But you would be disappointed.” … “When the Times says “embrace authoritarianism,” they mean things like opposing mask mandates and vaccine requirements for people who have had covid, along with wanting fewer regulations and lower taxes. In other words, anti-authoritarianism.”

Big Tech, woke finance crack down on Flynn, Gateway Pundit, Berenson in cancel culture purge. Just the News staff — “In recent days, Twitter permanently banned independent journalist Alex Berenson, Google demonetized The Gateway Pundit from its ad network, and Chase Bank canceled the credit cards of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.”

The factual post that got Alex Berenson banned from Twitter. Andrea Widburg — “Because Berenson’s conclusions did not support mask mandates and lockdowns, the tech tyrants hate him.  He’s routinely been locked out of Twitter, and, last year, Amazon tried to shut down his self-published works about the virus.”

Mental fitness, politicized psychiatry, and the authoritarian impulse. David Zukerman — “with the current POTUS showing signs of cognitive impairment, a noted psychiatrist who maintained that President Trump was mentally impaired appears to be silent.”

Our Afghan Nightmare: Tanks for Nothing. Victor Davis Hanson —  “Afghanistan has been reinvented as the best-equipped terrorist nation in the world, basking in the prestige of humiliating the world’s superpower.”

Is Afghanistan the Next Killing Field? Fay Voshell — “America’s abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan portends a humanitarian disaster of unknown proportions.”

Biden Makes Islamic Terrorism Great Again. I & I Editorial Board — “Will the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan, the rebirth of ISIS, and the appearance of American weakness fuel another huge spike in Islamic terror around the world – including in the United States? — If, God forbid, that does happen, the cause will be easy to pinpoint. And Joe Biden will have presided over two major increases in global terrorism since 9/11.”

Pretending COVID Is An Emergency Is Killing America. Molly McCann — “There is no justification for the continued suspension of the American form of self-government that secures all our individual rights and liberties.” … “The Western world is living a massive COVID lie. That lie is strangling the life out of liberty, and it will destroy our constitutional order if we do not end this horrifying charade.”

Who’s Skipping the Vaccine? The Answer May Surprise You. Brian C. Joondeph — “Hesitancy is relative resistance, in comparison to those who are genuinely anti-vaccine, refusing any and all vaccines. … Leaving aside the rationale or flaws behind these views, who are the vaccine-hesitant and why? The media has reported on this group and, not surprisingly, their characterizations may be inaccurate.”

Regardless of motivations, disparate groups of Americans, independent of political affiliation, are vaccine-hesitant, contrary to the media narrative. It’s a public health disservice for the media to politicize everything, including the COVID vaccines.

Harvard Determined to Race to the Bottom. Fletch Daniels — “So, Harvard University named Greg Epstein, an atheist, as their head chaplain because, apparently, nothing makes more sense to them than turning over the spiritual direction of their students to someone whose entire belief system is built around the belief that there is no God.”

on matters of race

Thinking about race: It’s not simple. Joanne Jacobs — “People with good intentions don’t realize they’re asking for a backlash when they “tell one group of kids, ‘You’re privileged, and there’s a problem with that, and you need to do something about it,’ [while] the other group of kids is encouraged to say, ‘I’m disadvantaged, and there’s so much wrong, and everything is working against me’.” It “breeds resentment” and reduces self-esteem and empathy, Foster believes.”

Playing the Race Card on Larry Elder. Heather Mac Donald — “Engaging in shameful duplicity regarding crime and policing, the media attempt to portray the California gubernatorial candidate as anti-black.” … “Unfortunately for Elder’s critics, the statistics showing vastly disproportionate rates of black crime and victimization come from some of the Left’s favorite sources.” … “If Elder were running as a Democrat, the press would be celebrating the possibility of California’s first black governor. Instead, we hear nothing about “shattering glass ceilings” or “diversifying” the ruling elite.”

But the media’s effort to portray his run merely as a resurgence of alleged Trumpian racism depends on a shameful duplicity regarding crime and policing. As long as that duplicity remains in force, in the California governor’s office and elsewhere, the country will continue sliding toward anarchy.

keep in mind that affirmative action is an expression of black privilege and white victimization.

Reality surfacing

Hurricane Ida Was by No Means Louisiana’s Worst. James Delingpole — “Here, courtesy of Paul Homewood, is the hard data showing that the busiest recent decade for hurricanes was the 1940s.”


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