Enlightenment under assault

Justice requires injustice. — “Do facts matter? Re-linking from Undoing the Enlightenment” … “The scare quotes around references to science tell us that science must be ignored whenever it conflicts with Disenlightenment dogma.”

The Bizarre Refusal to Apply Cost-Benefit Analysis to COVID Debates. Glenn Greenwald — “Are those who oppose a ban on cars or a radical reduction in speed limits sociopaths, given the huge number of people they are knowingly consigning to death or maiming?”

In virtually every realm of public policy, Americans embrace policies which they know will kill people, sometimes large numbers of people. They do so not because they are psychopaths but because they are rational: they assess that those deaths that will inevitably result from the policies they support are worth it in exchange for the benefits those policies provide. This rational cost-benefit analysis, even when not expressed in such explicit or crude terms, is foundational to public policy debates — except when it comes to COVID, where it has been bizarrely declared off-limits.
this is not an argument in favor of or against any particular policy undertaken in the name of fighting COVID. What it is, instead, is an attempt to highlight the pervasive and deeply misguided refusal to assign any costs to the harms caused by anti-COVID policies themselves.

We Could Have Dodged the COVID Delta Bullet in the U.S. David Gortler — “When America was under siege by the first round of COVID, universal vaccination might have succeeded in stopping the virus in its tracks. However, because Biden illegally opened the border, that was never going to happen.”

Biden’s Botched Bug Out. Clarice Feldman — “exactly the opposite of the plan President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had crafted. In that plan, our well-fortified base at Bagram, some 40 miles from Kabul, was to be the last thing shuttered. In Biden’s plan, it was the first.”

@WadeMiller_USMC: Lt. Col. Vindman went on national television and proactively attacked the Commander in Chief for partisan reasons. yet he kept his job. … But Lt. Col.  Scheller lost his command today for rightly demanding accountability from senior officers who allowed the Afghanistan disaster to unfold.
There still are men in America. There still are honorable people in America. But darned if you can find them in official Washington.

The military brass may regret firing Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller. Andrea Widburg — “Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller was fired for speaking the truth about the fact that the top brass in the Pentagon never pay for their bad decisions, even as the ordinary men and women get no quarter for their errors. As soon as he’s free, Scheller intends to change that two-tiered system.”

The Ten Commandments of Critical Race Theory. Geoffrey Clarfield — “The key thing is to hate whites, hate capitalism, hate democracy, hate American, Canadian, and British political culture, and believe that “whites” have caused all the trouble in the world.” … “Let me, therefore, outline the ten basic commandments of Cultural Marxism which, not surprisingly, are violations of almost every one of the ten commandments of the Bible, values that permeate the Constitution of the United States and have informed much of British common law. Here they are:”

A Baby Boomer Explains What’s Wrong with Millennials. Rob Jenkins — “Why, then, are so many Millennials so enamored of this vile and utterly impractical ideology — despite the fact that, if implemented, it would actually crush their dreams? … Clearly, we’re talking about a bunch of overgrown preschoolers who have been so coddled and protected all their lives that they have no idea what it means to live in the real world and are frightened by their occasional glimpses of it.”

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