A Tool of Control

From a doctor bewildered at where all this COVID stuff is going. Steve Karp, MD — “Until recently, the practice of medicine was based more on science, less on science fiction.  Even when science fiction acted as foreshadowing, hard evidence was required to turn fiction into non-fiction.” … “evidence today has taken a back seat to wishful thinking — or is it an agenda?  A refresher on recent issues is required to see how science fiction has increasingly replaced science and where it leads.”

Unlimited Power: The Latest Supreme Court Dissent Is A Window Into The Mind Of The COVID Bureaucracy Christopher Bedford — “The left thinks its power is so broad as to be essentially limitless, and so singularly vested as to be checked virtually solely at its own discretion.”

while it’s been in full public view these past 18 months, the reality is we have increasingly suffered under the thumb of unchecked bureaucracy since President Woodrow Wilson; its power and influence growing stronger each year, while the executive and congressional power and will to curb it have lessened.

Some of that growth is natural: influence craves influence, power craves power. But much of it is the result either of active policies in favor of it (or a failure to enact policies restricting it), driven by men like Wilson and men like Breyer — highly educated and seriously intelligent men who think that we, the people, ought not rule ourselves; the experts will take care of that.

A Tool of Control: How Health Officials Weaponize Language to Manage Public Perception of COVID Vaccines. Children’s Health Defense — “The deployment of clever linguistic tricks has created a hostile upside-down universe, where even the vaccine-injured are tarnished as “anti-vaxxers” or liars rather than acknowledged as ex-vaxxers who took risks that turned out to be life-changing.” … “it pays to be attentive to how health authorities use language, for “the more you know about language, the more immune you become to its effects.”

Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd gives an interview outing himself as Ashli Babbitt’s killer. neo — “He not only feels he did nothing wrong, but he is very proud of his actions that day.” … “Typical MSM “facts” expressed in their typical manner. There’s nothing that is exactly a flat out boldfaced lie there, but the sentence is very misleading.” … “this is typical of the MSM’s approach, and it’s a very useful one in terms of propaganda.”

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