Gaslighting all over. Why? Struggling to understand.

Does America Still Work? Victor Davis Hanson — “Until our officials can ensure a humane and sustainable standard of living, we have no business lecturing others abroad, much less conducting endless witch hunts of our own at home.”

For nearly two years, Americans have engaged in a great woke experiment of cannibalizing themselves. American civilization has invested massive labor, capital, and time in an effort constantly to flagellate itself for not being perfect.  

Yet neither America’s resilience nor its resources are infinite. We are now beginning to see the consequences of what happens when premodern tribalism absorbs Americans.

Feds to restart oil leasing after Biden loss in court. Jazz Shaw — “in terms of energy production, there is now some new hope on the horizon. We are once again facing energy production shortfalls after several years where the United States took its place as a dominant global leader in oil and gas production. Perhaps these new leases will put us back on track to rebuild what was recently lost.”

Why Do Media Fact Checkers Keep Ignoring This Biden Big Lie? I & I Editorial Board — “That phrase – “transform America” – ought to scare Americans. After all, what exactly does Biden want to transform the world’s biggest, most prosperous, most free nation into? … Then Biden went on to repeat the biggest of his Big Lies about the economy, one that media fact-checkers – too exhausted, apparently, from years spent fact-checking every utterance of President Donald Trump’s –  keep missing.”

Big Tech Censorship Is an Assault on Individual Liberty. James M. Taylor — “Today, a small number of giant corporations have secured monopoly power over the primary means by which Americans exercise their free-speech rights. It’s time for change.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome is Quite Real. John Green — “I always thought “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS) was a funny way to describe the enthusiasm with which the left detests Donald Trump.  However, after my interaction with Lloyd, I get it now.  TDS is a real malady — created by the gaslighting and propaganda of the left.  Those suffering from it don’t just hate Donald Trump, they’ve fabricated an irrational worldview to justify that hatred.  It is truly deranged.  To move forward as a nation, we need to understand it and develop strategies to deprogram those afflicted with it.”

Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy as Public Policy. Jeremy Bray — “why haven’t these safe, affordable, and potentially-effective treatment protocols been pursued with vigour? What on earth is going on in our government and medical community? Who is making the decisions, and why aren’t more medical professionals speaking out?”

What is impossible to understand is why, in the middle of a pandemic, with all of the suffering caused by both the virus and the ‘lockdown and vaccinate’ strategy repeated failures, the medical community isn’t erring on the side of action and pursuing the opportunity to at least try these protocols. This reluctance is even more puzzling, given the way the medical community has so quickly and firmly latched on, firstly, to such responses as masks, social distancing and lockdowns, none of which has any scientific support and all failing any cost-benefit analysis, and secondly, to the experimental vaccines, the long-term effects of which on the vaccinated are at the moment not only unknown but unknowable.

Given the failure of the vaccines to provide sterilising and durable immunity, these officially shunned protocols become even more important, possibly crucially important, to ending the emergency.

The Closing of the Progressive Mind. Steve Feinstein — “Although many progressives consider themselves to be intelligent and sophisticated, there is a world of difference between academic intelligence and emotional intelligence. They voted for Biden based on immature emotion and shallow surface appearances. They didn’t have the emotional or intellectual strength or courage to evaluate things based on policy and results.”

The progressives’ ignoble, duplicitous actions led to Biden’s “win.” They stood by and voted against the most beneficial, productive president this country has seen since World War II and they willingly perpetrated the fraud that put Biden in office. One thing is pretty obvious to everyone: they’re not getting together behind closed doors and discussing Biden’s failure amongst themselves. On the contrary, any honest, self-reflective progressive thought instantly evaporates and disappears like the steam that vanishes the moment the shower door is opened.

The Bad And The Ugly About COVID In America. Thomas T. Siler — “The mainstream media, some public health authorities, and the pharmaceutical industry have engaged in a massive disinformation campaign.” … “We need to preserve the freedom to choose our medical treatments and not be persecuted for that choice. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated need to come together to stop the hysteria, fear, and efforts to control us.”

The FDA did NOT grant full approval to the Pfizer shots. Carl Schwitzer — “The FDA sent two letters.  The first one was a letter of BLA (Biologics License Application) approval, and the second was a letter of EUA [Emergency Use Authorization] extension to COMIRNATY.” … “The mRNA gene therapy shots are still experimental.  Mandating them is still wrong — by a wide variety of ethical standards.”

Scapegoating the Unvaxxed. Sally Zelikovsky — “Like our government overlords, Williamson makes haughty and faulty assumptions about the vaccine-hesitant. Their reluctance is primarily due to the new mRNA technology and the lack of information about its potential long-term side effects.  The fact that the government is pushing too hard, has been inconsistent and has taken an antagonistic approach by threatening our freedoms, might cause many to dig in their heels, but doesn’t affect the crux of their decisions.”

How ‘Informed Consent’ Became ‘Coercion of the Uninformed’. William Sullivan — “this commercial, just like every COVID vaccine pitch ever created, treats us, the skeptical-yet-potential consumer, like a child being persuaded by a desperate parent to believe that Santa really showed up on Christmas Eve.”

Ivermectin and COVID-19: Why poison centers are getting calls about this controversial drug. Oscar Gonzalez — “Is this a miracle pill or a sham?” caveat: binary fallacy in headline, article follows the narrative but does indicate evidence contrary to the narrative and no basis for the narrative. Some good information but you need to read carefully. The answer to the title question is implied but not clear.

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