constantly being terrorized?

It’s Time To Stop Terrorizing Our Children. Dale Lowdermilk — “Our children are constantly being terrorized with theoretical 500-year forecasts, based upon phantom science and, even worse, they’re being taught to mentally “shelter in place” whenever possible. This is not a recipe for long-term survival.” … “Prognosticators, strutting around as experts, tell us to obey their commands and have even suggested that failure to instill climate “stress” in our children is a form of child abuse by “proxy” and omission.”

Apparently, too much safety is never enough, even if it means producing nightmares (and years of therapy) for our children and those who think like children—cautiously striving, to protect everyone, from everything, at any cost.

What works? Vax, ventilate but don’t mask kids. Joanne Jacobs — ” Masking children, social distancing, hybrid schedules, plexiglass shields and HEPA filters have little or no effect on the spread of coronavirus.”

The Good News—A COVID-19 Update. Thomas T. Siler — “We have learned many good things that the media and our pandemic managers rarely report. Most fundamentally, we do not need to be afraid of COVID-19 anymore.” … “Globally, the survival rate for COVID-19 is 99.8%. Under the age of 70, the survival rate for COVID-19 is 99.97%. This is on par with many influenza seasons. Americans younger than 70 do not have to fear COVID-19 any more than influenza and we know how to protect the elderly.”

Can our pandemic managers take some of this useful information and transform it into helpful public health policies from this point forward? Or is there another agenda behind unending hysteria, fear, and the constant push for 100% vaccination? That remains to be seen.

US COVID-19 Tracker. Data from The New York Times, updated daily. (careful! – watch out for rates versus absolutes and other statistical interpretation issues)



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