Is this direction by intent or by a random walk?

Breaking: The Left’s January 6 Narrative Just Went Poof—FBI.  Steven Hayward – “the FBI has concluded that there was no conspiracy or coordinated effort behind the events at the Capitol on January 6:”

But we’ve been told that the events of January 6 were an “insurrection,” and the gravest threat to American democracy since the Civil War. And this narrative is the pretext for the Biden Administration to claim “domestic terrorism” is the single greatest security threat facing the country. And also the pretext for banning Trump from social media platforms because he incited the mess.

As with the Muller report on the 2016 election, don’t expect the left, and the media, to give up on their “insurrection” narrative easily.

CRT: America’s Cultural Revolution. Scott S. Powell — “Nowhere is the abuse of power in directing government manpower and spending more blatant than in the Biden administration’s promotion of Critical Race Theory (CRT) training throughout all federal government agencies.” … “When things make no sense, one simply has to dig deeper to find out what’s going on.” … “What is most astonishing about the CRT project is that it shows how gullible and out of touch so many liberal elite administrators and officers are and how disrespectful they are toward the vast majority of people they oversee and serve.”

American Armageddon. Victor Davis Hanson — “What started out as elite woke nonsense now warps everyone’s daily life.” … “For the first time in their lives, all Americans of all classes and races are starting to fear a self-created apocalypse that threatens their families’ safety and the American way of life.”

The Afghanistan Debacle is Exactly What the Left Wanted. Christopher Skeet — “the left doesn’t consider the fall of Kabul and the betrayal of our allies to be a tragedy.  Rather, this is deliberate foreign policy strategy, and it’s right on track. … The pattern is clear for those who wish to see.”

Biden Can’t Escape Blame for Afghanistan Fiasco. Victor Davis Hanson — “No sooner did Biden claim he was straitjacketed by Trump than he reversed course to defend not just his own withdrawal but the disastrous manner of it. Biden claims that he has no free will while insisting he would have done nothing differently if he did.”

Another DeSantis ‘Scandal’ Implodes. Guy Benson — “The implication that DeSantis did something underhanded here to benefit a donor is precisely as well-supported as the claim that he distributed vaccines at Publix as a reward for a modest political donation – which is to say, not at all supported.” … “Predictably, the AP reporter (who was given all of this information before his piece was published), is now playing the victim card because some online jerks allegedly overreacted to his hit piece and made indefensible threats.”

The doctor-patient relationship has become transactional. It can lead to disastrous consequences. Michael McCutchen — “Instead of paying for a doctor’s medical opinion, we pay a fee for the doctor to prescribe the medication or order the test we think we need.” He misses how Medicare works which often is a ‘follow the recipe – or else’ but does seem to malign patient self education efforts.

Where The Sun Don’t Shine: Climate Alarmists’ Thinking. I & I Editorial Board — “scientific findings are no deterrent to predatory politicians.” … “Virulent though it might be, Trump Derangement Syndrome is hardly the mental health menace that Carbon Obsession Disorder has been for decades” … “The conclusion we can’t escape is that climate science, like all other science, is not settled, and to argue it is is downright unscientific. ”

It Turns Out All Those Plastic COVID Barriers Might Have Made Things Worse. Spencer Brown — “Put up with the aim of blocking droplets from the noses and mouths of the COVID-infected among us, they became a sort of virtue signal for businesses to show that they cared about the safety of their customers and employees.” … “the science is starting to catch up with the craze and it turns out those measures may have actually increased the chances of people contracting the Wuhan coronavirus.”

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