An inexhaustible reservoir of Americophilia?

The Propaganda War (And How To Fight It), Part II. CJ Hopkins [The Consent Factory] — “Fanatical New Normals, furious at being shown the faces of the people they are demonizing, are shrieking insults, death wishes, threats, mockery, and other vitriolic abuse at us, and demanding that the authorities censor us, and desperately attempting to disappear us by adding the hashtag to random gibberish.”

Fools, meet the evil you elected. Terry Paulding — “wake the bleep up.  Pay attention!  Your own kids’ future may just depend on you exercising your brain to look at more than the next cute animal video, Insta-picture, or Facebook post.”

‘A Pitiful, Helpless Giant’. Conrad Black — “The more serious and recurrent the failures and humiliations of the Biden Administration, the more China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea will push and provoke America and its allies. Americans should be in no doubt that with the fall of Kabul, the world, which has become rather tired of American leadership anyway and is not an inexhaustible reservoir of Americophilia, will, at least for a time, be mindlessly consolable in believing that “the land of the free and the home of the brave” has indeed become “a pitiful, helpless giant.”

End Of Empire? Mark Wauk — “The origins of our problems actually pre-date the rise of America as a world power–you can trace those origins certainly to the progressive era that began in the late 19th century when our ruling elite embraced the German ideal of government by science inspired “experts”.

Is This The Hill To Die On? Chuck Dinerstein — “The pushback over mask mandates has been fierce. It’s been portrayed in the media as another skirmish in the political and cultural wars. And while there’s an element of truth to that, framing all of the COVID controversies as political can lead us very much astray.” starts out poorly with the binary fallacy to equate both sides of the issue without respect to evidence on the table.

The FDA Must Not Hastily Grant Final Approval for the Covid-19 Vaccine. Steve McCann — “Based on ongoing research and actual experience with these drugs, there should be a significant slow-down in the approval process and a suspension in the mass vaccination program until all data is fully investigated without undue political influence.”

Do 5.3 Billion Cell Phone Users Need To Worry? Susan Goldhaber — a takedown of another FUD mongering study.

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