Overreach and humiliation. Poppycock?

A Media-Fueled Covid Scandal in Broward County Is Killed by Facts. Brad Slager — “Broward is a deeply blue county to begin with, and the local papers especially have been antagonistic — or hostile, even — towards the governor.” … “Consider elsewhere in the press where a solitary source would come forward with a claim — and they just run with the story, absent any exploration.” … “During a viral crisis, this kind of behavior is enough to make one sick.”

Hottest Month? Poppycock!. Charles Rotter — “disgraceful reporting by the BBC (complete with a disgusting use of a photo of the Turkish wildfires)” … “Meanwhile, back in the real world, July temperature anomalies even according to NOAA themselves are well below the peaks of 2015 and 2016, and barely higher than they were two decades ago:” … “And the claim that they know the world’s temperature to one hundredth of a degree is ridiculous.”

The Scale of Humiliation. Mark Steyn — “The scale of America’s global humiliation is so total that I see my friends at Fox News cannot even bear to cover it.” … “On the leftie side, of course, the court eunuchs have risen as one to protect the Dementia Kid, and are working as hurriedly as the Kabul document-shredders in an effort to figure out a way to blame it all on Trump.” … “As for the enemy, the good news is that if your regime is attacked by America you’ll likely wind up with even more territory than you started with”

“Harmless as an enemy, and treacherous as a friend”: a devastating indictment, and entirely correct. But it neglects the ultimate reality: the bungling superpower can inflict defeat only on itself.

The Great Parent Revolt. Katharine C. Gorka — “As overreach in classrooms by progressive school administrators, nonprofits and the federal government has reached new heights, parents are stepping up to fight back.” … “The bottom line is that education in America will likely never be the same, thanks to the Great Parent Revolt of 2021, and that’s good news.”


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