Let’s be clear about this

They Let Us Down and It’s Hard to Trust Them Again. Andrew W. Coy — “As we grow up, age and mature, we come to think that there are some that we can count on to call it straight.  We can count on umpires to be neutral arbitrators of the strike zone.  We thought we could rely on the Supreme Court to judge all laws, all ideas, all thoughts, all regulations, and all speech according to the U.S. Constitution.  We thought scientists would pursue the truth.”

The Rage Orchestrating the Transformation of America. Michael Walsh — “Our present, parlous state has not happened by accident or inanition. Rather, it has been meticulously planned, step by step, for the better part of a century. One by one the bricks in the wall, laid by our Founders and pointed up ever since by patriots of both parties who took their responsibilities as custodians of their birthright solemnly and seriously, have been removed: faith, tradition, and the Constitution itself.”

Biden’s Six Months In Office Have Us On The Road To Communism. Frank Liberato — “Capitalism, with all its warts and pimples, is the way people organize themselves of their own volition. It is economic freedom. Socialism and its children – communism and fascism — can only be foisted on a population through tyrannical coercion and brute force.”

Canceling the Constitution: Biden Hailed for Violating Rule of Law to Extend Eviction Moratorium. J. Turley — “there is usually some good-faith underlying disagreement in controversies like impeachment. This is not such a case. I fail to see the credible basis for telling a President that the CDC can use the same authority that five justices just declared it did not have. … Biden is not a first-time offender.”

Don Boudreaux COVID Links — In today’s Wall Street Journal, Drs. Marty Makary and H. Cody Meissner make the case against masking children. — Here’s Joel Zinberg on the CDC’s new mask ‘guidance.’ — Mary McGreechin decries the incivility and quotidian evil unleashed by Covid Derangement Syndrome. and more.

Pants On Fire: U.N. Issues Another Climate ReportI & I Editorial Board — “The hysterical responses to the Summary for Policymakers from the ​​Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment Report were exactly what we expected.” … “To better understand what the U.N. and its political and media allies are up to, let’s backtrack to a previous climate report.

“So much of the so-called science the IPCC created was to amplify the threat of human-produced CO2 to global warming,” Ball wrote. “The political mandate was the ultimate arbiter of what and how an issue was included.”

When Ball wrote that six years ago, he wondered “how long the IPCC can stay in business and continue to push” its “totally discredited” hypothesis that man is warming his planet. The 2021 report unfortunately indicates that the answer might be “forever.”

The Vaccine: Experimental Times TwoHuck Davenport — “If you don’t think vaccines are one of the great achievements of Western Civilization, just take a walk through a 19th-century cemetery and witness the reality of the human condition before them.” … “It should be no wonder CDC’s VAERS site reports over 1000 cases of myocarditis, 600 miscarriages, 15,000 allergic reactions, and 5,000 deaths. What is a wonder is why the government is illegally colluding with Big Tech to suppress any word of this from getting out.





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