Coercion. Purge. Fiasco. Predators. Due Process. Anyone care?

Vaccine And Mask Coercion Is A Purge Of Republican Voters, And Republicans Are Letting It Happen. Joy Pullmann — “Republicans are still by and large allowing their own voters to be purged from employment and schooling based on their evidence-informed convictions that oppose reality-defying leftist groupthink.”

The Confrontation Clause and the Case of Aaron Von Ehlinger. Brian Parsons — “In the United States, we subscribe to an idea of due process that finds its origin in the Magna Carta and Roman Law.” … “The Framers of the Constitution understood this and adopted ideas about due process such as the Confrontation Clause into the Bill of Rights.  The Sixth Amendment states: … The Confrontation Clause is cut and dry in its assertion that you have a right to a face-to-face confrontation in court with those who bring accusations against you in a speedy and public trial.”

The Predators Among Us. Abraham H. Miller — “As I read the demographics of victims of Chicago’s gang violence, I wonder, as have others, if there are predators out there hunting people for sport the way game hunters wantonly kill for sport. There are simply too many women and children, too many innocents, on the victims list.”

But how does one explain random sport shooting like shooting into a crowd of innocent shoppers, firing a random shot at a passing Elevated train, or attempting to shine a red laser beam into the eyes of a pilot making a landing approach?

Among us, there seem to be people hunting people for blood sport.

The culture of violence, the impact of hopelessness and despair that sustain gang cultures were not addressed. We are incapable of dealing with intricate and complex root causes, so our political figures placate us with platitudes.


In our cities exists a culture of violence, and we ignore it at our peril, for we are all potential victims. It will not be solved by seeing it as a gun problem while ignoring the social forces that have produced this culture.

Why Every Functional Society Needs Fear of God. Selwyn Duke — “As for Christianity’s critics, know that faith will certainly seem like a snake-handler’s domain when you have a snake-handler’s understanding of it.”

Instapundit: “the assumption is always that men have something wrong with them and need to change. It’s not the books that are the problem, it’s you. The customer is in the wrong.”

The CDC’s Voodoo Epidemiology. John Hinderaker – “Our country’s response to the covid epidemic has been an unscientific embarrassment. It is not too harsh to say that our policy has consisted of harassing the general public while exposing the vulnerable. ” … “Our covid response has been dictated by politicians and bureaucrats, while the voices of actual physicians with expertise in the relevant fields and with clinical experience treating covid patients have been suppressed by the press and by social media giants. The result has been a fiasco.”

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