a very peculiar notion

The Leftist Lunacy Called ‘White Rage’. Liam Brooks – “It’s difficult to keep track of the Orwellian-style lunacy that’s destroying our country. From systemic racism to white supremacy to Russia collusion to a January 6 “insurrection,” the left are masters at running false flag operations.”

The Grift That Keeps on Grifting. Andrew Stiles – REVIEW: ‘Nice Racism’ by Robin DiAngelo

“DiAngelo claims to earn an average fee of $14,000 per engagement, which includes pro bono work as well as corporate gigs that run “upwards of $30,000.” At a rate of one event per week, that works out to $728,000 in annual compensation on the speaking circuit alone. That’s on top of the estimated $2 million in royalties she pocketed thanks to the success of White Fragility. It’s decent work if you can get it, though DiAngelo might not agree. “We need to recognize racial equity as a field requiring a high level of skill and expertise that should be compensated,” she implores.

Anaheim officials have a very peculiar notion about free speech. Andrea Widburg – “As a city we respect free speech but also have a duty to call out speech that does not reflect our city and its values.”

“No, Mike Lyster. As a city that respects free speech, you have a constitutional obligation to let people speak even if you feel the speech does not reflect your city’s Marxist values. The First Amendment exists not to protect only speech you like because, self-evidently, such speech needs no protection.

A reporter lies about Trump’s statement regarding vaccines. Andrea Widburg – “My mantra for some time now has been that there was nothing “abnormal” about Trump’s presidency. Since Trump has left the White House, it’s become patently clear that the abnormality during the Trump years came entirely from the Democrats and their media operatives, with support from the Vichy Republicans.”

The ‘Silent Majority’ Is Rapidly Becoming the ‘Angry Majority’. Jack Gleason – “after five years of hysteria over Donald Trump, the media have hyped so many radical liberal causes to the point where many conservative Americans feel they are an endangered minority. If we speak up, we feel we will be ridiculed or ostracized by our friends and co-workers or even lose our jobs. … There are so many issues that face us that we can easily be overwhelmed and simply give up on political discourse, which furthers the idea that liberals rule the day.”

Beware of Totalitarian Scare-Mongering. Donald J. Boudreaux – “In a free society, if Ms. Jones wishes to persuade Mr. Smith to take some particular action, Ms. Jones must offer to improve Mr. Smith’s well-being without being able to reduce his well-being.” … “Put differently, in a free society there is a powerful presumption against anyone using threats of coercion to change the baseline from which each individual bargains.” … “Perspective matters. Truth matters. Failure to provide either is an easy way to dupe people into accepting from the state an awful offer that they certainly should refuse.”

The Panic Pandemic. John Tierney – “Fearmongering from journalists, scientists, and politicians did more harm than the virus.” … “Luminaries united on Zoom and YouTube to assure the public that “we’re all in this together.” But we weren’t. When the panic infected the nation’s elite—the modern gentry who profess such concern for the downtrodden—it turned out that they weren’t so different from aristocrats of the past. They were in it for themselves.”

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