It’s not the bias, it’s the deceit

Yes, It’s Okay For Journalists To Be Biased. It’s Not Okay To Parade Lies As Fact While Silencing Debate. Elle Reynolds – “Bias isn’t the problem. It’s when a gaslighting monopolistic media hegemon insists that lies are facts and anyone who questions them is ‘disinformation.’” … The fallacy rationalizing a lack of intellectual integrity? – “The danger with this facade of perfect objectivity is that journalists pretend — and insist you believe — it exists.”

“Instead of hiding bias under the pretense of neutrality, Wolfe’s solution is to treat journalism as a crusade to improve the world. “I often do write with an agenda — with an eye toward creating change,” she says.

This attitude led white-knighting journalists to treat every aspect of Donald Trump’s presidency — culminating with the trespassing and mayhem at the U.S. Capitol in January — as the greatest threat to democracy ever, which could only be stopped by the brave commentary of self-congratulating commentators on Twitter.

Wolfe recognizes a problem she doesn’t want to admit: the crushing bias of outlets like The New York Times that pat themselves on the back for being “so objective” has undermined the credibility of the news desk as well as the editorial page. She tries to defend a distinction, blaming readers for not understanding the difference between a reporter and a pundit.

But it’s not readers who are blurring the lines. Many reporters at outlets like the Times, the Washington Post, or CNN are indistinguishable from pundits, parroting as fact lies about everything from COVID-19 and vaccine efforts to a sham impeachment, Lafayette Park, and just about anything else involving President Trump.

These systematic lies go much further than the unavoidable perspectives each writer (or reader) brings to the table. It’s possible to prioritize truth, accuracy, and honesty while still having a point of view. It’s not possible to prioritize such principles when you value pushing your political agenda more.

Media Bites Hard, Yet Again, for Another ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ Story on Trump. Nick Arama – “Now, you know right off the bat with the “mentally unstable” claim that it’s going to be an acid bath of a story.”

Georgia Secretary Of State Explains Why He’s Just Now Discovering More Than 10,000 Illegal Votes Cast In 2020. Margot Cleveland – “The tangled web of voter reform laws, the Trump voter fraud accusations, and the Secretary of State Office’s findings show why we need more digging on what happened in Georgia.” … lollygagging, delay, obfuscation, denial, rationalizations, excuses, buck passing – it’s all on display

“At this point, however, what matters is that the truth is exposed and that Republicans come together to ensure the integrity of future elections — and expose the Democrats’ attempts to disenfranchise legal voters with illegal and fraudulent votes.

Today’s Double Standard Justice System. Jim Hoft –  Dem Rep Joyce Beatty STORMS US Capitol, Arrested and Released Soon After While Trump Supporters Languish in Isolation in Prison for 6 Months for Same Offense. “Democrat Rep. Joyce Beatty along with a group of far-left protesters stormed the Hart Senate Building on Thursday chanting, “End the filibuster!”

The Capitol Cover Up. Julie Kelly – “Release the tapes. Release the name of Ashli Babbitt’s shooter. And release Joe Biden’s political prisoners.”

What Is to Be Done? See the Adversary Clearly. [caveat: Epoch Times] Michael Walsh – “As I’ve written many times in these pages, we no longer have an Election Day, but rather a rolling plebiscite that includes not only bogus “absentee” ballots for those in the country but too lazy or too stupid to get to the polls on the day designated by the U.S. Code, but now also “curated” ballots for those too dumb to correctly mark their choices; “harvested” ballots, those delivered by activists purporting to be from lawful voters; “early” ballots, in other words, illegal ballots; and even “late” ballots, in other words, double-plus illegal ballots.”

Class, Influence, Power. Mark Wauck – “Victor Davis Hanson gets the ball rolling by addressing Class, and what it means for politics in the US.” … “Other developments that fuel anxiety among the Elites is the continuing and even growing influence of Tucker Carlson.” and more

Why is Joe Biden still standing by his Earth First! nominee for Bureau of Land Management? Monica Showalter – “The latest news is that she lied to Congress about her involvement in eco-terrorism; an Earth First! tree-spiking incident in Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest in 1989.”

I’m A Middle School Teacher And See How Critical Race Curriculum Is Creating Racial Hostility In School. Ramona Bessinger – “Providence, RI: Some Students Have Started Calling Me “America” Because I’m White, and Colleagues Accuse Me of Having “White Privilege.” … “Missing from our curriculum during the 2020/ 21 school year was the diversity, perspective, truth, and rigor that previously were taught. Previously vetted books were removed from our classroom and sent to recycling. Gone was the diverse collection of American and World Literature” … “What saddened me most was that I would not be teaching the Holocaust any longer.”

Fired teacher: ‘There is no other point of view’. Joanne Jacobs – “Coates’ essay alleged that Donald Trump’s “ideology is white supremacy, in all its truculent and sanctimonious power,” notes Gilbert. There’s no other point of view?”

What are they teaching? Put it online. Joanne Jacobs – “Parents say teachers are indoctrinating students with radical ideas and telling children they’re oppressors or victims by birth. Teachers say they’re just teaching “accurate” history. What’s really going on in classrooms?”

“Trying to ban teaching offensive content simply pushes advocates to “repackage, reword, and reinvent their classroom materials under new slogans,” he writes. As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis put it, it’s playing political “whack-a-mole.”

Another Global Warming Fact Alarmists Want Buried. I & I Editorial Board – “The entire climate change movement has been shady from its beginnings. Data have been hidden, truth has been sacrificed to politics, and hypocrisy and personal interests among its “leaders” have produced a giant credibility deficit. The more we learn, the worse the alarmists look.”

How Warmists Package Panic. Michael Kile – “As for the “extraordinary heatwave” last month, when competition with COVID threatens to steal your thunder it pays to be as quick as greased lightning to trumpet panic and hyperbole.”

Flawed Heatwave Report Leads to False Headlines in Major Media. Cliff Mass – “Last week we witnessed a major failure in science communication regarding the Northwest heatwave – A failure that misinformed you and millions of others, and a failure that highlighted glaring weaknesses in the media’s ability to cover important scientific issues. And it revealed the disappointing behavior of some members of the scientific community.”

Pesticide Propaganda: A Guide To Spotting Activism Masquerading As Journalism, Part 1. Cameron English – “Pesticides can be very dangerous; they’re also vital tools farmers use to produce our food. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the media maze of sloppy reporting on pesticide safety.” … “lacks nuance … Double standards … Rachael Carson uncritically cited … ”

‘Debate Rages Over Glyphosate’? The Conversation Publishes Terrible Roundup Article. Cameron English – “Usually an excellent source for science-based commentary, The Conversation recently published, to put it charitably, a questionable article about the dangers of the weedkiller glyphosate. What did the authors get wrong? Almost everything.” … “There isn’t an ongoing debate about glyphosate among experts. Instead, there are a handful of organizations and academics with clear conflicts of interest that continue to ignore the preponderance of evidence.”

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